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Rise of the vixen soldiers


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Oh dear, seems my dragon character Dream has been the target of a vixenization ray... whatever will happen to her?
The answer to that question is quite clear. She has become a sexy yet ruthless and obedient vixen soldier. Clad in red and black latex and armed with a green hypno-visor and a vixenization ray gun, the new unit will go out and turn other inferior species into the superior vixen form. All will serve the Empress and her vixen ideal.

Drawn by: :iconhelixjack:
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zylogaroh's avatar
I wonder who this vixen Empress is~?
Mikey-31's avatar
Excellent and sexy!
WeegeeSlayer's avatar
Sexy! I love how she was was transformed from a dragon into a vixen.
LostCause26's avatar
Well this is definitely a unique and fun idea~
darrellwg's avatar
Please shoot me! 
ESLM-Studios's avatar
First a pony, then a dragon, and now a vixen. Whatever will you come up next?
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Toni-Technaclaw's avatar
Oh my what a Vixing Issue we have here.
NotMolo's avatar
Since when was Dream a dragon?
HypnoDreamSearcher's avatar
Been playing around with that idea for 2-3 months.
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