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Mexican dinosaurs FTW!
Two Labocania take on a young Velafrons in the shores of what will become Baja California. A dangerous endeavor, not only because the huge size of their prey, but because this is also the habitat of the gigantic crocodile Deinosuchus.
Labocania ("from La Bocana"), is a medium-sized theropod (about six metres long) that might have been a tyrannosaurid.
Velafrons ("sail forehead") is a particularly large hadrosaurid found in the Rio Colorado formation in Coahuila, México. Velafrons is unusually large, a trait seemingly shared by other Mexican hadrosaurids, as the Mexican species of Kritosaurus and Lambeosaurus are also larger than their northern counterparts.
Kinda ironic, if you consider the rather small size of its assailants.
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Hace tiempo que lo vi en una carta coleccionable que daba el museo del desierto en saltillo.
vaya no sabia que cohabitaba con Deinosuchus, escapar de Labocania metiendote al agua para evitarlo no seria buena idea.
ya has dibujado a un troodon?