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The Beast
A Dicraeosaurus wanders through an ancient African floodplain, looking for a drink before being startled by a much smaller pterosaur passing by.

Dicraeosaurus ("Bifurcated lizard") was a relatively small sauropod, a member of the dicraeosaurids, a family related to the long-necked and long-tailed diplodocids. Dicraeosaurus, as the rest of its family, was peculiar in proportions, with a short neck and a comparatively long, but not remarkably so, tail. Its neck vertebrae featured curious forked apophyses, from which it took its name. It's thought that these animals fed close to the ground, on account of their relatively short neck and limbs. It measured around 12 metres in length when fully grown.

Even though this animal isn't particularly large or intimidating or aggresive, I wanted to give this drawing its title since this is my 666th piece on this site.
Squatting Allosaurus
An Allosaurus sits by a large conifer, trying to shield itself from the scorching sun during the hottest part of the day in what now we know as Utah, 152 million years ago, in the Jurassic period.

As I've mentioned before, Allosaurus is one of my favourite dinosaurs of all time, and I'd been wanting to draw one for some time, but hadn't quite been able to find a decent pose. I wanted to do one feeding, but that went nowhere, and when I tried to do one resting the head came out decently and the rest just sort of sprouted from there. So thanks to that, y'all get blessed with some Allosaurus booty.
Spearnecked Dragon
An Azhdarcho walks around heavily, as he tries to find a place to rest after a particularly large meal.

Azhdarcho (Uzbek for "dragon", with the lancicollis specific meaning "lance neck") was an pterosaur forund in central Asia. Like most azhdarchids, the family that takes its name after this pterosaur, it had a large wingspan, a long beak and a body type well-suited for terrestrial movement. It is likely that many if not all of the members of this family were terrestrial stalkers similar to the storks of today. When fully grown, Azhdarcho was estimated to reach 4.5 metres with its wings outstretched and up to 3 metres in length.
A Very Spiky Ironing Board
An Edmontonia longiceps climbs a gentle slope to reach a few tender ginkgo shoots, a very valuable commodity in the middle of the dry season.

As I said in the WIP version, I wanted to do another Edmontonia, and highlight the animal's weird body shape. Also, I wanted to draw a E. longiceps specifically, as I am more or less inspired to draw this armored dinosaur by my recent (last October, maybe not so recent) acquisition of a Dino Riders Edmontonia, which is based off the E. longiceps species instead of the better known E. rugosidens. So... um. Here it is.
Hello, everyone!
It's been almost a year since I last posted a Journal entry and... while I think very few actually do read the journal, I think now it's as good a time as any to post an update.
Firstly, I'm officially out of school. And not in a good way. Mostly because of time mismanagement, I got myself kicked out of the Biology courses of the University of Guanajuato. But since I have an uncanny luck for second chances, my journey to become an actual paleontologist hasn't quite ended. I am going to start the Biology undergraduate courses in San Luis Potosí, the compatible subjects between both courses will be validated again, and I'll be living with my siblings from now on. Which is good too, because the moment I got expelled from Guanajuato, I fell into a deep, deep depression. Fortunately, I was offered (and took) professional help, and it coupled with medication and the company provided by my family is helping me far more than I expected.
On the subject of health, it turns out that my eyesight is worse than I thought but not as bad as it could be, so I'll be wearing glasses from now on. The good news are that according to the optometrist, my condition doesn't seem to be worsening so, as Spidey would say, thanks for the small favors.
Also, I became an actual paleoartist. Or what my narrow view defines as an "actual" paleoartist, anyway. My brother comissioned some restorations for his undergraduate thesis, on the remains of a marine crocodile, and now my art is actually published in scientific material. So yay me. I'm participating in a paleontology congress with my paleoart, too, so that is super exciting and a step forward, too.
All in all, the future doesn't look bleak, even if it isn't at all what I wanted a few months ago. But hey, that's life. It never goes the way you expect it to.
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Osvaldo Cortés
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Well... First, if you liked my dA home enough to scroll down here, I'd like to thank you for stopping by. I'm just a guy with a huge outer child who enjoys all things silly in life.
Hmph... I guess that's about it.
But thanks for stopping by, anyways, I hope you'll enjoy my little gallery.


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Louna-Ashasou Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Hullo there :3
Thank you so much for faving my latest Wonder Woman fanart!
I hope you have a great day~

Hypnotising charcoal eyes and carmine lips by Louna-Ashasou
hyphenatedsuperhero Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi there!
No problem, I really, really liked what you did there, so I just had to add it to my favorites.
Have a great day too!
Louna-Ashasou Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Awww that's so sweet of you ;///;
Keep up the great art yourself! :D
Rufina-Tomoyo Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2019

Supongo que han pasado muchas cosas en este tiempo, esperemos que más las buenas.
Que hayas disfrutado tu cumpleaños, obviamente

hyphenatedsuperhero Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey! Tiempo sin interactuar.
Pues... eso parece. Si hago una sumatoria, creo que si han sido más cosas buenas. O me acuerdo más de lo bueno. Cualquiera de las dos me funciona.
Gracias! De hecho fue un buen día.
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