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A Prickly Situation
As it goes on its daily routine, a male Styracosaurus accidentally loses its footing and begins to slide down a slope in the alluvial plains of what today is Alberta, Canada.
Styracosaurus ("spiked lizard") was a very short-lived, medium-sized centrosaurine that lived 75 million years ago in Canada. Like many other "classic" centrosaurines, its frill was comparatively short and it had a large nasal horn and reduced or nonexistent brow horns. In addition, its frill featured an array of large epiparietal spikes that gave the animal a rather spectacular look. also like other ceratopsians, it was likely a herbivore, using its narrow beak to cut leaves and stems and processing its food with a battery of shearlike teeth. It measured up to 5.5 metres in length.

I wanted to revisit Styracosaurus, which I had last drawn a few years ago, but this time featuring an updated look, with more accurate body shape, limbs and integument. And I'm pretty satisfied with the result, I must say.
#CamptosaurusChallenge Accepted!
A Camptosaurus strays away from its group in their daily search for food, it may face less competition that way, but leaves itself more exposed to the many large predators that roam Wyoming 150 million years ago.
Camptosaurus ("bent lizard") was a Jurassic genus of ornithopod that inhabited North America, feeding on relatively tough plant material and being the prey of middle to large sized carnivores. Because of its features, this animal has often been linked to the ancentry of later plant-eaters such as Iguanodon, but modern classification seems to mark it as an ofshoot from their common ancestor. Depending on the location of the specimens, it measured between 6 and 8 metres in length.

Inspired by the #CamptosaurusChallenge, an initiative to stray away from the usual genera depicted in paleoart and also away from the "lateral running view" trope so prevalent in the 90's and early 00's; it encourages both aspiring and proffessional paleoartists to draw a seldom-represented genus (Camptosaurus), and to use an unusual perspective (in this case, either from the front or from the back, as opposed to the done-to-death lateral view).
Close one
A subadult Anchiceratops male recoils to avoid squishing a passing Alphadon mammal. The scene takes place 71 million years ago, in the floodplains of  what today is Alberta, Canada.
Anchiceratops ("close-horned face", referencing the relative closeness of its brow and nasal horns) was a relatively short-lived genus of chasmosaurine ceratopsian, characterized by a rectangular frill with sawblade-like projections all along its outer edge, as well as the relatively close horns that give it its name. Like all other ceratopsians, it used its powerful horny beak to select and tear its food while shear-like dental batteries chopped its meals into an easily digestible paste. It reached up to 4-4.5 metres in length, making it relatively small when compared with its later gigantic relatives.

So... yeah. The title is kind of a pun on the dinosaur's name and the close call of the early mammal beneath its feet. I remember I used to like this species a lot (not as much as Pentaceratops or even Triceratops, but still), but never saw it as often as all the other ceratopsians. A shame, though, as I seem to recall we have fairly complete specimens of this animal.
While fishing for food, Black Hook finds a way to annoy his partner Itaii by efortlessly catching two rather large river coelacanths as she struggles with just one small fish.
Scouting Ahead
During a routine patrol, something catches Pucu's attention, something that requires her to split from her Plated Thornbeast partner if she wants to remain undetected. she must now proceed with caution as her weapons are stored in her partner's dorsal spikes.
Even if Pucu's role in her tribe is akin to cavalry archer, they aren't constantly at war or under attack, so she can't always apply her "charge at the enemy while firing" approach, especially when on perimeter patrol, where she is expected to report back in case she finds anything or something happens. She hates it, but she is as duty-bound as her best friend Itzimitzin. Which means she always follows the rules, even if it annoys her to no end.
Hello, everyone!
It's been almost a year since I last posted a Journal entry and... while I think very few actually do read the journal, I think now it's as good a time as any to post an update.
Firstly, I'm officially out of school. And not in a good way. Mostly because of time mismanagement, I got myself kicked out of the Biology courses of the University of Guanajuato. But since I have an uncanny luck for second chances, my journey to become an actual paleontologist hasn't quite ended. I am going to start the Biology undergraduate courses in San Luis Potosí, the compatible subjects between both courses will be validated again, and I'll be living with my siblings from now on. Which is good too, because the moment I got expelled from Guanajuato, I fell into a deep, deep depression. Fortunately, I was offered (and took) professional help, and it coupled with medication and the company provided by my family is helping me far more than I expected.
On the subject of health, it turns out that my eyesight is worse than I thought but not as bad as it could be, so I'll be wearing glasses from now on. The good news are that according to the optometrist, my condition doesn't seem to be worsening so, as Spidey would say, thanks for the small favors.
Also, I became an actual paleoartist. Or what my narrow view defines as an "actual" paleoartist, anyway. My brother comissioned some restorations for his undergraduate thesis, on the remains of a marine crocodile, and now my art is actually published in scientific material. So yay me. I'm participating in a paleontology congress with my paleoart, too, so that is super exciting and a step forward, too.
All in all, the future doesn't look bleak, even if it isn't at all what I wanted a few months ago. But hey, that's life. It never goes the way you expect it to.
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Hmph... I guess that's about it.
But thanks for stopping by, anyways, I hope you'll enjoy my little gallery.


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