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Wings and Armor
A Yingshanosaurus sees its daily feeding time suddenly interrupted by a nearby predator. The small armored dinosaur must now try to scurry away hidden by the foliage and hope that the carnivore's senses of smell and hearing don't detecti it.

Yingshanosaurus ("Lizard from Yingshan") is a genus of small stegosaurine dinosaurs originary from China. These dinosaurs featured bony plates over its neck, back and tail and a suite of spikes arranged in a thagomizer as other stegosaurs, but also featured a unique set of winglike shoulder spikes. When fully grown, the animal was estimated to measure about 5 metres in length.
Too Many Spikes
A Polacanthus tries to keep its balance as it climbs down a steep hill in search of more food to keep its massive body healthy.

So I decided to have another go at a realistic Polacanthus. This brave little guy is cheekless, as per Nabavizadeh's paper, but compensates with lots of spikes and a more modern armor distribution.
Feathered Fiend
A Yutyrannus strolls along a ginkgo forest in the mountains of Cretaceous China, 124 million years ago.

Yutyrannus ("Feathered tyrant", from a combination of Mandarin Chinese and Greek, with the specific huali meaning "beautiful") was a medium-sized tyrannosauroid from China that bears the distinction of being the largest nonavian dinosaur with direct evidence of feathers and overall the largest feathered archosaur, with an estimated weight of almost a ton and a half an a lenght of about nine metres. Bresides the feathers it had a bony crest running along its skull and unlike later tyrannosauroids it still had three fingers on its hands instead of two.
Left Hanging
A very young Redback has her "lunch break" suddenly interrupted.
In better context, she was about to finish an energy bar she... uh, "charged" a convenience store for stopping a robbery and now she has been interrupted by another unrelated crime in progress.

I just wanted another excuse to draw Redback in her runaway phase, and I couldn't think of a disposable enemy for her, so here's her being annoyed at rhe inconvenience of having to spring into action without so much as a pause to eat.
Sky Emperor
A male Tupandactylus imperator soars throught the Mesozoic skies.

Tupandactylus ("Tupan finger", referencing the Tupi people's thunder god and thus can be also interpreted as "thundergod finger") was a medium to large sized pterosaur that lived about 112 million years ago in Brazil, in the area now known as the Crato Formation. This genus of pterosaurs contained two species characterized by large headcrests composed by both bone and soft tissue, of which T. imperator had the larger and more dramatic crest. These head ornaments probably were used as a display structure that aided in communication, species recognition and mating. As for its diet, Tupandactylus had a powerful deep beak that was well suited for crushing, which has been interpreted as an adaptation for eating hard fruit and seeds or as a sign of a carnivorous diet that included shelled animals; though it was most likely a generalist, eating whatever food sources were avaliable on the ground. Its wingspan was of about 5 metres when fully grown.

I've been uploading drawings I had finished at the very least last week but only had the chance to scan until now. To change that, I wanted to show this thing I finished today.
Hello, everyone!
It's been almost a year since I last posted a Journal entry and... while I think very few actually do read the journal, I think now it's as good a time as any to post an update.
Firstly, I'm officially out of school. And not in a good way. Mostly because of time mismanagement, I got myself kicked out of the Biology courses of the University of Guanajuato. But since I have an uncanny luck for second chances, my journey to become an actual paleontologist hasn't quite ended. I am going to start the Biology undergraduate courses in San Luis Potosí, the compatible subjects between both courses will be validated again, and I'll be living with my siblings from now on. Which is good too, because the moment I got expelled from Guanajuato, I fell into a deep, deep depression. Fortunately, I was offered (and took) professional help, and it coupled with medication and the company provided by my family is helping me far more than I expected.
On the subject of health, it turns out that my eyesight is worse than I thought but not as bad as it could be, so I'll be wearing glasses from now on. The good news are that according to the optometrist, my condition doesn't seem to be worsening so, as Spidey would say, thanks for the small favors.
Also, I became an actual paleoartist. Or what my narrow view defines as an "actual" paleoartist, anyway. My brother comissioned some restorations for his undergraduate thesis, on the remains of a marine crocodile, and now my art is actually published in scientific material. So yay me. I'm participating in a paleontology congress with my paleoart, too, so that is super exciting and a step forward, too.
All in all, the future doesn't look bleak, even if it isn't at all what I wanted a few months ago. But hey, that's life. It never goes the way you expect it to.
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Osvaldo Cortés
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Well... First, if you liked my dA home enough to scroll down here, I'd like to thank you for stopping by. I'm just a guy with a huge outer child who enjoys all things silly in life.
Hmph... I guess that's about it.
But thanks for stopping by, anyways, I hope you'll enjoy my little gallery.


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