TWENTY Issue XVI - Pixel by pixel!

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It is time for another issue of TWENTY, the spotlight that features twenty great artists in deviantART.  
Twice a month, we showcase 5 works by 20 artists from all the realms of deviantART.  No restrictions at all, other than the self-imposed one mentioned further down.  We will focus mainly on unknown artists within deviantART.
That way,  you will be able to see the talent that lies in the depths of the galleries.  

Due to unforeseen circumstances the last issue of Twenty was not released, so to make up for it we give you a special pixel edition!
This latest issue features some of the greatest and most interesting pieces of pixel art you can see here on deviantART!

You will notice the lack of literature in TWENTY. The explanation is quite simple: We feel more comfortable around visual artwork and trust that our friends over at suture are better qualified to pick great literature from and for the community.

Without further ado, here is the art!

To start off this special issue of twenty we present this talented pixel artist. His work is detailed, and each and every pixel has been put together with great care!  

Run-Down Pixel City 02 by June18th     Ancient Ruins by June18th     Suburban Run-down House by June18th    Old School FCC hatred by June18th            Cafe by June18th  

2 - :pointr: t-mind
This deviants pixel work has a specific style to it that is quite interesting, yet funny. Go check out his gallery and see what you think!.

         :thumb17504923: :thumb16998297:  :thumb6167679:  :thumb11066600:    :thumb13507244:

di0xygen is a great general pixel artist. He produces some realy cool pixel work that has a game like style to it.

--Pixel--Rockman-- by di0xygen _pixel_ TwoSword fighter_ by di0xygen     --Pixel--Kirby-- by di0xygen

pixelblink is one of those artists who can not only produce amazing pixel art, but manages to make each piece amazingly eye catching and interesting.

:thumb16319730:      :thumb12575899:      :thumb13771724:      :thumb12606643:      :thumb13925093:

5- :pointr: bgr
Detail is one of the most important factors when creating pixel art. This deviant shows that by spending time on each piece of work you can achieve great results.

SureFire by bgr       OfficeDebo by bgr      Xpanded Office Centre by bgr   Xpanded Mini - Mart by bgr       PixelMoon Military Compound by bgr     

Few things are as cool as a gallery filled not only with amazing technique, but imagination as well.  -black-eye- adds a great touch to his artwork.  See for yourself!

BlackEyes Zombie by -black-eye-    ET 2003 by BlackEye by -black-eye-    Dead-Y-Bear by -black-eye-     Alien Game Over by -black-eye-   Kappo by -black-eye-            

N-Style42 Just goes to show that big isn't always beautiful. The work you find in this deviants gallery has not only had a great amount of effort put in, but also the small attention to detail.

Osmi by N-Style42         Flamingo by N-Style42    Wizard by N-Style42    Monster by N-Style42       Chinese Dragon by N-Style42

The small and interesting pieces of work from this deviant combine to produce a beautiful gallery of a variety of monsters, robots and other such beings! Go check them out!

game main character run-cycle by miascugh       dark-bear-shmee + I colab by miascugh       monstor2 by miascugh       Alien thingy by miascugh       monstor1 by miascugh

Here is another pixel artist that has a great eye for detail. each piece has its own unique style and touch that makes it attractive yet different from the usual type of pixel art around deviantART.   

Its a Small World by rhysd Dream Room 2 by rhysd     Dream Room Super Remix by rhysd     Some Pixel Club by rhysd     Willy Wonka - Pixel by rhysd

10- :pointr: lab42
If you love to look at small intricate pixel work then this deviant is for you. Browsing through the gallery you will notice an array of beautiful tiny pixel scenes, and are often animated. Some exceptional work!

vanilla-snow adorns this issue of Twenty with some excellent pieces of cute pixelart.  Her talent and variety are worth a highlight here.

       My pixel room by vanilla-snow    The Almost-Cybunny by vanilla-snow GBC Bunny by vanilla-snow   Henry and his evil plans... by vanilla-snow         True love... by vanilla-snow

Another interesting gallery full of highly detailed pixelart that will impress anyone! You can tell that each and every piece of work has been worked on for many many hours and has been well worth the effort!

Vaughn 'Vulture' Mk. III by robotriot       C64 by robotriot       The Guardian by robotriot       Forest scene by robotriot       Spaceship sprite by robotriot

13- :pointr: so-lou
So-lou sports simple, yet pleasing artwork in her gallery.  Her work has a different yet interesting style that i feel will be of interest to most pixel enthusiasts!  

     :thumb10144963:      :thumb15377436:   Busty Girl by So-lou      Self portrait 2005 by So-lou      :thumb13535772:

At just the young age of 15, this deviant has talent for sure! He produces a wide range of media, although his pixel art stands out the most, with its querky, comic style that is sure to grab your eye!

Taxi Driver by thejoshinator :thumb1466573: :thumb2093859: :thumb1990318: The 3 Black fellows in Snatch by thejoshinator

ctrl-alt-delete is a very skilled pixel artist.  A small but cool gallery of pixel talent that should definatly be checked out.

    Willo: Dinosaur with a Heart by ctrl-alt-delete       Trickle by ctrl-alt-delete                   The Twilight Zone by ctrl-alt-delete

16- :pointr: vvijay
When it comes to mass detail in a piece this deviant knows how to pull it off. Another small gallery featuring few pieces of pixel art, this deviant has the potential to realy produce alot more interesting and colourful scenes. Keep your eye on this deviant!

Temple of a greek Godess by vvijay       The fountain of Youth by vvijay       manju pole oru pen kutty by vvijay       menakshi kallyanam by vvijay       see for urself by vvijay

Futuristic art, interesting scenes and colourful detailed pieces of the real world are the pixel pieces that are located in this deviants gallery. Be sure to check it out.  

:thumb2077867:      :thumb1174725:      :thumb838708:      :thumb862339:      :thumb908413:

An almost comic style can be seen in this deviants gallery. A nice combination of fictional pieces and tiny detailed  isometric pixelart.  

Trip by darkoem :thumb16054778:   crop by darkoem Sunken by darkoem Old Robot by darkoem     

19- :pointr: vapid
The artwork found in vapid's gallery is quite oldschool. He produces some excellent quality scenes and many many small objects that are full of interesting detail..  

    Eery Platformer Mockup by vapid       Partial Room by vapid    Cookie Jar by vapid       Sega Master System Control Pad by vapid       My Computer by vapid

And finaly, to end this issue i present to you Morganne. She has an eye for small details and has quite a good looking humorous style to her work, that i think is a pleasure to view!  

Queenee- Updated! by Morganne       Vase Critter by Morganne       Sour Grove by Morganne       Stick 'em up. by Morganne       Oh my god its moonsletoe. by Morganne


That is it for this issue! We hope you enjoyed it.  Watch out for 100 more works from 20 artists in the next issue, coming out in 2 weeks.
If you have any questions about TWENTY, would like to suggest someone, or just plain general feedback, then you can also email us at (Please include links!).

© 2005 - 2020 hypermind
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congratulation everyone.....excellent collection:)
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disFUNKtional Photographer
good work everyone, it looks like a lot of time was spent into these
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pixel art is really hard. alot of peopel don't know how much effort is put into it
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Hooray for pixel art, a very overlooked medium. Great job to all of the people who made it. :dance:
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JumpeiProfessional Digital Artist
Wow, amazing selection, awesome artworks and a nice job assembling them all here ;).
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MindSphereHobbyist Photographer
excellent choices!
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You did all of us justice, my friend.

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bgrProfessional Interface Designer
YAY I'm in there!! Woohoo :dance: :boogie:

Thank you so much!! :glomp:
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MattGAllanProfessional Photographer
Im surprised you didn make a nice pixelly thing witht he :twenty: logo though =[
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MattGAllanProfessional Photographer
cool, i like that piano. :D
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great stuff....i wish they cd gimme pointers
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Astharoth Digital Artist
Great list...but I think it's a real shame dark-bear-shmee is not included...
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I wouldn't say that he is one of the unknown pixel pushers here. But no doubt he is really great and everbody interested in pixel art should go and look at his pieces :nod:
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Astharoth Digital Artist
Oh well, my fault...I didn't read "We will focus mainly on unknown artists within deviantART." that's ok
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Really amazing stuff that you have lal placed out right here.

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I have always wondered how people do these things. These people have unnerving patience and and art talent that is extraordinary. These artists are jus waay cool.
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Archangelic Digital Artist
I've always loved pixel art. I dabble in it myself.
This is alot of great stuff.
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Wow! Great work over here! :clap:
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cyberphobiaProfessional Digital Artist
just a pixel tweny?. =( shame i'm not much into this
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tehmeh Writer
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Really refreshing! I can't believe these when I view some of the most original and inspiring pixel works! :nod: Lovely!
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great choices as usual keep up the good work.
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I can't do pixel art, personally, but I sure as hell enjoy it.
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