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October 25, 2012
Part of a series, this is a creative approach to incorporating video game symbols into a new design. Revisiting Video Game Symbols: Skyrim by ~excelsium
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Revisiting Video Game Symbols: Skyrim

View more at: [link]


Part of a series of posters that revisit the most prominent symbols in some of my favourite RPG games. This one, obviously, is of Skyrim.

Be sure to view more by visiting this link: [link] , I also do pieces on Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VII, Knights of the Old Republic and Assassin's Creed!

EDIT: Visit this link to download a wallpaper of this piece: [link]
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Hey! I originally found this unsourced while looking for Homestuck wallpapers, and I tracked you down to let you know that I'm going to get it as a tattoo! I love this game and I love this image, thank you!
awesome hope a more larger resolution
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This is really good work.
Would love to get this as a tattoo at some point. Would that be OK? 
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this image has gone quiet famous.. good job making such an iconic symbol more iconic.
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Wow. very creative. I love this so much.
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Did they steal your artwork?
ThatAnimePersona's avatar
This is really cool! :D
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Just saw that your work has been stolen, and is being sold:… 
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Wooooooh. That is amazing. Instant favorite.
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Whoa, this is mindblowing.
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Amazing work indeed,wow.
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That is so beautiful and epic!
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Hey friend! Here at Unit 18's new website, we have an artist area, we we're wondering if we could use your artwork to make shirts, but also give you credit, on the site we will mention your the artist were people can find you and general information you provide us with. If your interested message me back :P -Thanks =P (Razz) 
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I love this. Awesome work!  I downloaded this video to mac with total video downloader for mac. Hope to enjoy it!
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That's a clever idea :)
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I love this, I have it as a wallpaper on my iPad 
davids-sketchbook's avatar
Can i put this on a shirt?
LyhliTheLuminescent's avatar
Hello, I used your incredible logo here:…

(By the way, it's currently being used on Facebook here, I don't know if you approved this or not:…
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can you send me a vector file ?
not for commercial purpose, it's just for my DIY T-shirt.
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Just wanted to say this is really good! 
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