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Scene from Satur-Delia Cartoon Animation

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How far have you've got on the Satur-Delia cartoon as of late?
It's almost Spring, ya know. :D
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Still on track. To be released by the end of April :}
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Awesome! :D

When can we expect a trailer?
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1st, there was a Dragon/Lizard girl, and now a horse woman?
Where are these guys headed into? :lol:
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haha. The horse is actually the same girl (Teri Trel).
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Then Where the is this chick heading into? :lol:
PS. The animation looks pretty good & it getting to be a nice comprehensive TF scene. How long will the feature be?
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Just arrived in Living Island (PufnStuf). This is a parody of the 70s live action Saturday morning shows (Krofft in particular). The band are unwillingly transported to these different universes and become random characters/creatures from the shows. The feature will be in three parts and will be around 50 mins total. This is an Apology None cartoon rather than transforama so the TFs will be somewhat quick (it's a comedy/adventure).
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3 parts? Then why not upload the feature in those parts? It would be more simple & leave the viewer wanting more in a cliffhanger sort of sense.

PS. If the whole feature is 50 mins. then how many minutes have you completed?
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looking forward to it
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Oh looks promising.
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The cartoon will be epic :D
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