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Douglock digisketch

a quick digital sketch of the New Mutant's Warlock and (the late) Doug Ramsey merging....
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this is well done and captures both characters well.
Bluemutantfreak's avatar
I absolutely adore this!
hyperjack08's avatar
BugleMan-Snow's avatar
Cool style and expressions.
Icon-UK's avatar
Great take on a great double act, Excellent sense of this being a snapshot of an action in motion, rather than a still.
hyperjack08's avatar
glad you caught that sense of motion. i work hard at trying to keep a sense of energy throughout a pic whenever i can.
PingChowChi's avatar
great picture - loved this guy :)
dichiara's avatar
Another great sketch, my friend!
hyperjack08's avatar
thanks :)....maybe one of these days i'll be able to get around to posting something more than a sketch :)
dichiara's avatar
I hope so, AJ! Your work rocks!
livewiredstudios's avatar
Thank you AJ for bringing one of my favorite characters from my childhood back dude!! Awesome work!!!
hyperjack08's avatar
dude, thanks for saying that. that's probably one of the nicest things an artist can hear.

and show up at OS sometime, huh? we have a lot more people over there now...stop by and share some of the stuff you're doing now.
livewiredstudios's avatar
Perhaps I will bub! :)
hyperjack08's avatar
we'll keep the light on for ya!
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What I like best here is the way Warlocks legs are posed, great sense of movement. Cypher's looking mighty Arthur Adams-y too--nice work!
hyperjack08's avatar
i was channeling Adams as i drew this....he was the flat out best when it came to drawing douglock!
kellygraybeal's avatar
Those issues of the New Mutants were some of my favorite comics. Great work on this sketch. Makes me want to dig through the comic book boxes...
hyperjack08's avatar
same here. i actually read some of those issues the night i drew this.

thanks for the nice words!
TULIO19mx's avatar
Douglock, I think that was his name... :giggle:
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