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Uh, it's a bit of a SPOILER for the Star Trek movie, sorry. Anyway.

'Cuz I needed to paint it, I guess. Long story.

Teeeechnically for someone, though he probably won't know why or anything. Just 'cuz it reminds me of him, haha. (He pretty much figured it out after I said that. Go figure. XD)

Spock and Uhura belong to their respective creator
(as do the vaaaague likenesses of Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana)
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I really love this.
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The fact that you were able to show so much emotion from Spock in this art while allowing him to retain his Vulcan-ness is... truly incredible.

This is one of my all time fav Spock/Uhura pieces. Great job.
Excellent job.
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Therese-BHobbyist Photographer
This scene was so beautiful. I love how you rendered it here; you really captures the raw emotion.
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Love it!!!!
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The sketchy quality of this really adds depth to the moment. You can just feeeeel the angst radiating off of Spock. Well done!
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Oh, poor Spock!
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eternal-pizza-partyStudent General Artist
when i saw this i smiled so big
its so cute and lovely :3
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I don't have the right words, or any words for that matter to describe how I feel about this lovely artwork, so I'll just look at it some more and fall in love with this pairing all over again.
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This is so nicely done! :)
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startraveller776Hobbyist General Artist
Love, love, LOVE, LOVE this!!!! Beautiful. And yes, it should be Spock & Uhura forever, baby!!
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Neala-ErnswaHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't like her, but the art is pretty.

That should be Kirk... >.>

Again, stunning art!!
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hyperionwitchProfessional Digital Artist
lol Well, to each their own where pairings are concerned. But thank you.
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This really showed the emotion that Spock is trying to repress, while Uhuru tries to comfort him. Least that's what I think I see. :) lol!
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Sarah-SolaFideStudent Writer
Nice--I very much like the "painterly" quality you gave it. :) Keep up the good work and God bless.
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lady-toyano General Artist
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Oh wow, this is so beautiful. I just love how you drew this.
The color, style, lighting, everything just looks wonderful.
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Very cute drawing, I especially like how you colored it! Yeah I was actually shocked when I saw Spock/Uhura in the film, it was totally unexpected being that they had no relationship at all in the original series. At first I thought Uhura was kissing him out of pity, that she felt extremely sorry for Spock, but then at the scene where Spock and Kirk were about to be transported to their dangerous mission, we saw that Uhura was scared that Spock might not come back, there we see that Spock and Uhura really do care for eachother. Even though it was shocking and it didn't make sense to me, I am head over heels for Spock/Uhura! Again, love the drawing, awesome job!
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This really captures a broken Spock.
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i loved that part in the movie!! niice job
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I absolutley adore spock and Uhura! They are my newest and favorite coupling (besides R&S).
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KaitouCoonStudent General Artist
wow this is wonderful! i can feel the emotion from that scene in the movie portrayed perfectly in this picture.
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Oh dear I think I just died of too cute for verbal expression...
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