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Manda Reference Sheet



Here is Manda, it is quite a reworking of the Manda concept – I hope you like it. Sorry it is so late, but I am really busy. i probably won't get to K.G. this year, but you never know.

FYI: my son helped me choose the colors. Manda is one of his favorite kaiju and I was happily surprised that he actually liked my redesign. Unfortunately he choose a striped green blue pattern for Manda's horns. I colored it that way, but I just couldn't post it. So I kept his concept and added the pictured horns on another layer.

Manda is the creation of the ancient civilization of Mu. Created using Mosasaur base DNA (but a vast majority of unique DNA) and advanced biological and metaphysical engineering. Manda was incomplete during the fall of Mu at the end of the Cretaceous. After the cataclysm that destroyed their civilization, the survivors of Mu created a hidden city at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean within the remains of their sunken empire. Though they had lost the technology and knowledge to create new kaiju, they were able to finish the Manda project. Manda was the giant protector of the submerged City of Mu, destroying anything that came within 5 miles of the crumbling ocean civilization. Unfortunately, over many eons, as the civilization of Mu continued to degenerate, the ability to control Manda was lost. Thus, Manda became not only the protector of Mu, but also its jailer. It would destroy its own creators if they entered the water around their deteriorating city state. Manda continued to protect Mu long after the death of all of its inhabitants. In 2015 it repelled the Gotengo II during the initial discovery of MU by the UN Anti-Kaiju research team. Finally, in 2051, an armada of submersible AKM (Anti-Kaiju Mecha) and the US super-sub the “Eliminator” are believed to have killed Manda with the newly developed nuclear torpedoes.

Teeth, horns (ramming), toxic spines, rear fin barb (engineered flesh eating venom)

Massive size, very strong hide/armor, regeneration

Not very mobile on land, no range attacks

Special Abilities:
Swims at up to 100 knots, limited telepathy

Next: King Ghidorah

Manda is copyright Toho Co. ltd.
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Now here's a Manda that looks like he could actually fight some of the other monsters in the Godzillaverse.