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Sonic X: The Secret Ch3
"I miss Chris." said sadly Cream.
"Chao Chao" chaoed Cheese.
"Me too, Cream. He was a dear friend. You know, I never thought I'd say this, but I wish we could meet him again one day. It's been six months now ever since we last saw him. That's like six years on his planet." said Amy with a little sad expression.
"How does mister Sonic deal with his absence? Chris had a big impact on Sonic, ever since we arrived on their planet." asked Cream.
"I've noticed that, too. I too have never seen a human have such an impact on Sonic. True, Sonic did meet a lot of humans, but Chris was special. Their relationship seemed quite strong. I just wish Sonic could have the same relationship with me one day. Or maybe even stronger." said Amy, changing her mood from sad to happy and confident.
"We also had a lot of adventures on Chris' planet. Remember when we found the first Chaos emerald?" asked Cream who was finally cheering.
"How can I forget? That emerald
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Meanwhile in the X-Mansion...
"Hey, Jean! Come and look here." Scott told Jean Gray. Scott was standing in front of a big monitor looking at a giant blip that just appeared on the map.
"Did you find something, Scott?" Jean asked.
"Yeah. Looks like a red signal." Scott answered.
"A red signal?"
"And it appears to be coming from Illinois."
"We have to tell Professor Xavier about this, Scott."
The next day at school...
"Did you see how Deadpool killed those men on StarClip? It was pretty brutal, but awesome." A boy was talking in the corridor during recess.
"I think you need to see a doctor. He Killed those men without mercy and then post his insane videos online. They confirmed that video will be removed earlier today from the site, because it's far too inhuman." the friend of the boy said.
Then the two boys walk past Eleanor and her two close friends, Helen and Cage.
"What is all the hype today
:iconhypergirl95:HyperGirl95 1 0
At school...
"I heard this mutant can control the weather and can make it snow, or rain, or whatever, whenever she wants" classmate1 of Ellie's was talking.
"Yes, there is such a mutant and her name is Storm from X-Men. Do some research before you talk about someone famous." classmate2 said.
"Won't it be great if we could invite at least one of those X-Men in our town? I mean, think about it. Every other town in the area will be jealous of us if we invite a professional mutant." classmate1 said.
"Just what do you mean by 'professional'?" classmate2 criticized.
"Hey, Ellie. You ok?" classmate1 asked Eleanor a bit worried.
"Huh." Ellie snaped out "What? Is lunch break over?".
"You seem a bit off today, Ellie. Have you forgotten to sleep again?" classmate1 asked.
"Who? Me? No. Not at all."
"You said you had an accident at home this morning. Do you still feel any pain?" classmate2 asked.
"No. Not at all. I feel great." Ellie raises her hands to show that nothing is wrong with her, only for
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Some people say that "If you're born with a gift, then one day the people will appreciate you very much.". As opposed to this sentence, rises the question: "Will people  appreciate your gift because of the good you do? Or the bad you do?". In the Marvel Universe, both things seem to be more balanced. There are just as many supervillains as superheroes. The Marvel Universe is famous for having around 8000 mutants (both villains and heroes). Weaker villains are being controled by stronger villains. Unexperienced heroes are being tutored by skilled heroes. And some mutants prefer to work only if they receive payment afterwords for their work. So in such a vast and powerful world, is it somehow possible for an ordinary mutant to suddenly become noticed by heroes, villains and other mutants out there... even if your mutant powers don't seem that much impressive? Well, we're about find that out.
:iconhypergirl95:HyperGirl95 2 0
KND Operation S.O.C.H.I. - Chapter 1
Kids Next Door Operation: S.O.C.H.I.
"Kids Next Door! Battle Stations!" yelled Numbuh 1 in the middle of a battle. Some of the biggest enemies of the Kids Next Door were in this battle - Sticky Beard, Mr. Boss, Toiletnator, Crazy Cat Lady and many others.
"I'm gonna pound all these into a pile of dust." Numbuh 4 implied.
"And I'm gonna beat the tulips out of them. Get it! Tulips." Numbuh 2, while inside a giant robot, only no one was laughing. "How come everytime Numbuh 5 makes a joke, everyone laughs, but no one ever cares about my jokes?"
"Numbuh 5, come in! I need you to get a ship here this instant!" Numbuh 1 ordered Numbuh 5 on the phone.
"Numbuh 5 will be there any minute." Numbuh 5 answered.
"Numbuh 3! Come in! I need you to be ready, because Numbuh 5 will be here any moment with the ship." Numbuh 1 told Numbuh 3. "..." only nothing came from the oth
:iconhypergirl95:HyperGirl95 2 0
Mona Doodle by HyperGirl95 Mona Doodle :iconhypergirl95:HyperGirl95 18 6 Running From King Boom Boo by HyperGirl95 Running From King Boom Boo :iconhypergirl95:HyperGirl95 12 20 Sonia The Hedgehog OC by HyperGirl95 Sonia The Hedgehog OC :iconhypergirl95:HyperGirl95 39 18
Sonic X: The Secret Ch2
"What would that secret be, grandpa?"
"She's got powers. Since Shadow has super-speed, Chaos Control and many other unique abilities, I thought of giving her powers, too. And that power is speed. She can run as fast as 625 miles per hour at a maximum speed. But at most times she'd be able to run at about under 300 miles per hour."
"That's perfect, grandpa. That makes her even more special."
"But... at the moment she's not carrying it."
"Why so, grandpa?"
"You see. She's very young. It's possible she could use her powers and starts playing with them, which might cause havock all around her. So that's why I did not add them."
"That's very sad, grandpa. How can she ever use them, if she doesn't have them? What if she wants to help someone?"
"Impossible. Who could she ever help. You've got Shadow as your Number 1 helper."
Maria then became silent. Don't know what else to say, feeling sad for the hedgehog.
"But, there's one way her powers can be given..."
At that moment, Maria was all-ea
:iconhypergirl95:HyperGirl95 4 3
Sonic X: The Secret Ch1
Space Colony ARK, 56 years ago
"My dear, Maria. Did you like the present I made you?" asked Gerald Robotnik his granddaughter.
"You mean Shadow? I love him so much grandpa." Maria answered happily.
"I'm glad you do. I created him so I could find a cure for your illness. But until then, you can keep him as your companion. Not that he talks much." Gerald told Maria.
Then the room went quiet for about a minute, until Maria broke the silence.
"Grandpa? Can I ask you something?" she asked.
"Of course, my dear. You can ask me anything you want. And your grandfather will do anything for you." Gerald told her.
"I've been wondering. I know that Shadow has been my companion for so long, but I also think that he might seem too lonely at times." Maria said.
"What do you mean lonely?", Gerald was surprised, "I thought you and him talk to each other. Does he not want to speak with you?".
"No, it's not that grandpa. It's just... Shadow is the only talking hedgehog that exists. I wish there was ano
:iconhypergirl95:HyperGirl95 8 0
TMNT - The Angels Take New York Chapter 2
New York City, July 2012
" 'It has been said, 'time heals all wounds.' I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.'  This quote was once said by Rose Kennedy. A wise woman she was... And quite right." said the Doctor.
Feeling let down from the loss of Amy and Rory, his close friends, he tries to swallow all the pain. But all those memories. Even though he's a time-traveller, no historical memory should matter to him at all. But it's not the memory that is giving him pain. It's the real-life adventures. He's seen so much. Been to so many places. So many timelines. The prehistoric. The human past. The future. THE PRESENT! No memory from these timelines are as memorible to him as the adventures with his closest friends, including River. A person can forget most of the memories through the years. Some memories might seem important to him. And some don't. But no human can ever forg
:iconhypergirl95:HyperGirl95 5 1
TMNT - The Angels Take New York Chapter 1
You can run. You can hide. You can travel at light-speed. You can fly... but... never do just one thing - Don't... blink.
Destination: New York City, Earth, Dimension 3
Year: 2012
"Impossible!!! Absolutely scientifically impossible! I just can't process how did this even happen. No law in science can explain how something so absurd can actually happen." Donatello was saying while holding his head with both hands in anger, amazement and confussion.
"Donnie. None of us have a clue of who did it or how it happened. The police are on the case at the moment, as we speak. Besides, you don't need science for absolutely everything. There are things even you have a hard time handling." Leonardo tried to calm down Don.
"Okay, Leo. How do you explain a 93 meter tall and 450'000 pound heavy statue move from Liberty Island and all the way to Winter Quay? We're talking about miles here, Leo. Not to mention the water that surrounds the island. And what's even weirder is that there
:iconhypergirl95:HyperGirl95 6 6
April O'Neil sketch by HyperGirl95 April O'Neil sketch :iconhypergirl95:HyperGirl95 12 5
TMNT: Eliminate Ch.2
"How much longer do we have to wait? I feel like kicking Kraang droids or breakin' Shredder's head." Raph was becoming more and more impatient.
"Raph. It's okey. They are probably doing whatever they can right now." April tried to calm Raph down. Just then an 'Aaaaah!' sceam was head coming from outside the store and on top of the roof of near by building.
"That's Donnie!" Raph yelled.
The turtles and the humans then got out of the shop.
"I think I heard it coming from up there." said Casey.
"You sure?" April asked. Another 'Aaah!' sound was heard, but this time it was coming from Leo.
"It's coming from that roof. Lets go!" Raph commanded.
"How much longer 'till the aircraft arrives Donnie?" Leo asked.
"In about 2 minutes and 4 seconds." Donnie answered back.
"Good. Keep on fighting 'till then." Leo said.
"I hope the others are okey. They are probably worrying about us in that store." Donnie mentioned. Donnie was fighting 4 ninjas at the same time. Thanks to his advanced n
:iconhypergirl95:HyperGirl95 18 21
TMNT: Eliminate Ch.1
"How are we gonna stop them?!!" asked April while running with the turtles, Casey and Splinter from a giant Kraang droid.
"We first have to escape. From them." said Donatello to April a bit tired from the running.
"Follow me." said Leonardo to the others showing them a broken store, which appears to make a good hiding spot. The boys and April hide in it. The Kraang droid comes in two seconds later, but doesn't see any of the turtles or the others and continues on, thinking the turtles could be on another street.
"There's too many of them out there." said Casey.
"Actually there are just about 231 65-feet-tall Kraang droids on the streets right now." corrected Donnie in his usual way of speech.
"Donnie. Not helping." Leo told Donatello.
"Well excuse me, guys. BUT THIS IS HOW I DEAL WITH STRESS!!!" Donnie yelled.
"Shhhhhh." everyone 'shhh'ed Donnie.
"We'll stop them. But first we need to figure out a way to get out of here without being seen by our enemies." Leo purposed.
"We can't use th
:iconhypergirl95:HyperGirl95 17 3
Earth? We have a problem! by HyperGirl95 Earth? We have a problem! :iconhypergirl95:HyperGirl95 1 0

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Sonic, more famously known as Sonic The Hedgehog, is one of the best game characters ever created. His very first appearance (and also his most famous) was in the "Sonic The Hedgehog" game released on June 23, 1991 (which happened on this day 25 years ago).

Sonic The Hedgehog, June 23

His first game turned out a huge success which led to "Sonic The Hedgehog 2" - the most successful Sonic game of all times. It sold over 50 million units. Sonic quickly became a recognizable character among game developers, gamers and kids. And speaking of recognizable, another famous character joins Sonic The Hedgehog 2 that year. Care to guess who it is?

Sonic The Hedgehog 2

That's right! This adorable yellow fox becomes Sonic's closest friend in the Sonic franchise. But wait! There's more! For every famous male character, there's always gotta be a girl who he has to have a crush on (or in this case - the girl has a gigantic crush on the male). That's when Amy Rose comes in. The next game after "Sonic The Hedgehog 2" is no other than Sonic The Hedgehog CD. Famous for introducing two characters that are known even today:
1. Metal Sonic
2. Rosy The Rascal (now known as Amy Rose)

Metal Sonic vs Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic saving Rosy

Of course, then comes "Sonic Chaos", where the plot revolves around Dr. Robotnik (now Eggman) wanting world domination using the mystic Chaos Emeralds and it's up to Sonic and Tails to stop him. The game received an 8.25 rating out of 10, making it another one of SEGA's best games.

Have you wondered that if there's a "Sonic The Hedgehog 1" and "Sonic The Hedgehog 2", then there must be a "Sonic The Hedgehog 3"? The short answer is - yes. Unlike "Sonic Chaos", where there weren't any major characters introduced, "Sonic The Hedgehog 3" does just the opposite. It introduces our favourite guardian - Knuckles The Echidna.

Sonic The Hedgehog 3

"Sonic The Hedgehog 3" received so much praise that later the same year SEGA released the first Sonic standalone game (and direct sequal to "Sonic The Hedgehod 3") called "Sonic & Knuckles".
Sonic & Knuckles

Of course the same year the game "Sonic The Hedgehog: Triple Trouble" was released with with main characters Sonic, Tails and Knuckles.


Say? Is it just has this new game suddenly multiplied it's characters? If you've noticed characters other than the trio from the previous game, then you know what I'm about to say next. It's The Chaotix! It's probably the second most famous group after Sonic's team, except... they call themselves detectives (even though they're teens?).
Knuckles' Chaotix


"Sonic Blast" was released in November. Received a 5/10 rating from Rotocopy.
















After the success of the 1999 game, SEGA developed a new game called "Sonic Adventure", the first game of the new popular Sonic subseries that lead to its sequals "Sonic Adventure 3", "Sonic Battle", "Sonic Pin Ball Party" and it's biggest successor that's came out 2 years later.


"Sonic The Hedgehog Pocket Adventure" was released on December 20. It received a 10/10 rating from IGN.






"Sonic Adventure 2" is probably one of the most memorable and successful games in the Sonic franchise, mainly for its story arcs. It got a lot more adventures, more fun and most importantly - powerful villains. "Sonic Advenure 2" introduces the the second best character in the Sonic franchise - Shadow The Hedgehog, more recognized as Sonic The Hedgehog's biggest rival. He's probably the only character, who Sonic cannot defeat alone, physically, unless he uses cunningness. The game also introduces other characters like Rogue The Bat and E-123 Omega.
Let Sonic Adventure 2 beign!



If we can have "Knuckles' Chaotix", then we can have "Shadow The Hedgehog". Thanks to the success of "Sonic Adventure 2", this game exists. Even though the game is the darkest in the Sonic franchise, that doesn't stop it from filling the character's fans with joy. It's the only Shadow-based game so far.
Shadow The Hedgehog - Sonic's biggest rival


"Sonic The Hedgehog", also known as Sonic '06, is probably the Sonic game with the most negative criticism (next to the Sonic Boom games). As much as developers love giving Sonic a human friend, I think Sonic X did a better job at dealing with the problem, than how this game did. Despite the low charts, at least one thing came good out of the game - Silver The Hedgehog. Even though this is his first appearance, he made a remarkably good impression, that helped him show up in later Sonic games.
From left to right: Silver, Sonic and Shadow



Ever wonder what would happen if you mix a hedgehog and a warewolf? - You get a warehog.
It's 2008 and this is the period when some of the best Sonic 3D games came out. If you've been in the franchise for a while, there is no way you could have missed "Sonic Unleashed". True, the game does not include popular rivals like Knuckles, Shadow and Silver, but it still kept its cool. Sonic Unleashed turned out to be one of the most adventurous games of this period, and Sonic's transformation became a trademark of SEGA. If you think Sonic is strong when he's normal, just wait 'till you see him "grow" into something even stronger... but slower :(


Now that warehog season is over, it's time to move to a new place. In this case, Sonic ends up in a medieval timeline. 

Who he meets there is not Sonic Underground, but is just as shocking as it was for him. In this timeline, all the characters he meets have a striking resemblance to everyone he knew back in his time. We meet many of Sonic's biggest rivals, especially Sir Lancelot (who resembles Shadow, and is the strongest rival in the game). Next we have Sir Gawain (Knuckles), Sir Percival (Blaze), Blacksmith (Tails), Lady of the Lake (Amy Rose), Sir Lamorak (Jet The Hawk) and (of course) Sir Galahad (Silver, who, after this game, became one of SEGA's biggest conspiracy theories).


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