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COM: Sticks and Lines Hourglass

A commission I did for aarowill13 as sort of a stealth sequel to Ms Sticks Meets Ms Lines Ms. Sticks and Ms. Lines are getting a bit more acquainted with each other, Ms. Lines especially getting acquainted with her natural abilities as a stick person. Apparently she didn't know that stick people change shape after being drawn, so one can imagine this as quite the jarring experience for her.

FP Edit: Hi butthurt moral guardians~ Sure is great to have something here that isn't safe, watered-down, and unchallenging for once, isn't it? XD
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gotta wonder what kind of pricks these kids are.

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They don't do it to be mean, they just don't actually know that it makes them uncomfortable, because Ms. Sticks just never bothered asking them to stop

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me drawing at fourteenMeow :3 Meow :3
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To be honest, they look much better this way.
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Both of them look sexy^^
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Both of them thank you
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“More importantly, how do our torsos not snap in half from the weight?”
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As a person that's into the giantess fetish and the inflation fetish(kinda), I am sorry that there are people that won't except that there is fetish art on this cite. sometimes art like this pisses me off but its for a different reason, its not because its a fetish but it depends on the vibe that the art gives off to me.
there is an artist named sanone on deviantart that inspired me a lot and i loved to look at his art but after a while every time i looked at his art, it would just make me mad. idk why but i guess its because he would just draw the same type of stuff over and over and it just got irritating to look at, Anyways this is great :)
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I don't get the addendum.
Did some Moral Guardian throw a fit?
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It got on the front page the day I posted it and a few more people than usual were pretty pissed off about it, and I was sure that at least a few more people were going to be, so I felt like taking the opportunity to sort of preemptively brag about it at their expense, because I know that what pisses off people like them the most is the fact that a genre of art they don't like, fetish art, typically gets more views and attention than whatever it is they do, which is usually something clean, and seeing it on the front page, I think, is probably a cruel reminder of that to them. So a lot of clean artists get really pissy about it instead of doing something more sensible like deciding for themselves whether or not views are really more important to them than their artistic integrity, and if so, swallowing their pride and going where the views are. In an ideal world you could have both, but we don't live in an ideal world, so if attention is something they want, I feel like it's their own responsibility to get it for themselves, not everyone else's to give it to them. And sex sells, it always has and it always will, because niche markets mean less picky customers. For some people it's a hard pill to swallow, and I think the front page is a pretty decent place to present that pill. And I forgot to take it out when it was no longer on the front page, oops XD
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so what your saying is that they should do what you do?
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Not really, I'd rather people just not worry about their view counts to the point that they'll be a dick to other people about it, that's what I would like to see most of all
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God, I love this site.
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morals are for the weak, boobs are for the strong
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Preach it! Morality is a subjective, non-black and white abstract concept, and being a subjective, non-black and white abstract concept, it doesn't even technically exist, so anyone who feels that it's somehow their job to protect it is a moron
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Killing someone for no reason is objectively wrong
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Well obviously I'm not talking about anything THAT extreme, since I don't think a single non-mentally ill person on Earth thinks that, so that's not even really subjective.
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oh okay, I heard your birthday is tomorrow
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