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Survivor Green Hill EP 4
Previously on, Survivor.
Jess used her body on Ben and Junior, while Marcus and Anthony watched her from afar. Anthony then mistakenly revealed that he and Jess were in an alliance to Marcus.
At the reward challenge, Will scored the basket for Ravu, winning them fishing gear.
Back at camp, Evan made up a lie about the hidden immunity idol to Will and Sabastian. Will wasn't believing it a bit, but Sabastian was gullible enough to believe him.
At Moto, Marcus and Jalen let Nick into their alliance, believing he was on the chopping block. Nick was eager to join.
At the immunity challenge, Thomas couldn't beat Junior in eating pig snouts, and he suffered the consequences. Moto won and sent Jordan to Exile Island.
Back at camp, Eric tried to lead a rally against Kevin, believing he was the weakest member. But Thomas' weak performance at the challenge proved to be weak enough. At tribal council, Will got his way, when Thomas was voted out. 17 are left, who'll be voted out tonight?
--- --- --
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Survivor Green Hill EP 3
Previously on Survivor,
Marcus tried to make Anthony feel comfortable in his tribe by telling him he was safe in the next tribal council.
At Ravu, Eric and Michael made an alliance to eliminate Evan. However Curtis got suspicious of this.
Moto won their first challenge, winning Fishing gear and Immunity. In a twist, they sent Evan to Exile Island, saving him from a possible vote out at Tribal Council.
Eric tried to get Jordan on his side, and vote out Curtis in place of Evan. He even made up a lie to convince him on his side.
When Will heard the news, he was against it, and with the help of Jordan and Curtis, his alliance took out their weakest member, Shane, out. Now Eric and Michael had to make a comeback. 18 are left, who'll be voted out tonight?
--- --- --- --- ---
Ravu Night 6
Eric was angry with Jordan for not sticking to his word with him and Michael.
Eric: I guess Will made Jordan a better deal then I did, apparently. I'm screwed now. I have to find a way to get back at Jordan.
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Survivor Green Hill EP 2
Previously on Survivor,
20 Americans began the adventure of a lifetime. They were going to be marooned in the Green Hills of Mobius. For 39 days, they'll need to build shelter and find food. But more importantly, they need to survive each other.
Marcus took the leadership role over at Moto. However, Anthony didn't like the big step-up as leader, and he devised a plan with Jess and Bree to take him out.
But over at Ravu, the tribe got fire first, and they were more prepared then Ravu. But troubles rose between Curtis and Evan over the shelter.
Early alliances were also established between Moto's Marcus and Jalen, and Ravu's Thomas, and Shane.
Ravu, due to their well-organized tribe, won the first immunity challenge. Sending Moto to Tribal Council.
Anthony decided to keep Marcus for his strength and vote out Michelle. Marcus meanwhile targeted Bree, whom he claimed as a weak link. At tribal council, Marcus had the numbers on his side, and Bree was sent packing. 19 are left, who'll be vot
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Survivor Green Hill EP 1
Jeff: These are the green hills of Mobius. The fine land here will be used by 20 survivors, all coming here with one purpose. To be the sole survivor and win one million dollars. They come from all walks of life. From a rap artist, to a professional gamer. All ready divided into 2 tribes; Ravu and Moto.
The Ravu tribe which will always wear orange, consists of, (note if I do not give a specific race, such as Asian or Black, then they are considered White)
Eric, a computer technician from Oregon. Born of Korean descent, Eric hopes to use his intelligence to lead an all-powerful alliance to the end.
Shane, a cosplay performer from Oklahoma. Though somewhat physically weak, Shane hopes that his key will be manipulation against the others.
Michael, an artist from Idaho. Also of Korean heritage, he hopes his disadvantage with the English language won't hurt him. (he knows few words.)
Will, a photographer from Rhode Island. He doesn't have compete knowledge of the game mechanics, but he hope
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Midna, I will always love you. by HyperEspio Midna, I will always love you. :iconhyperespio:HyperEspio 4 4 Sad Pikachu by HyperEspio Sad Pikachu :iconhyperespio:HyperEspio 3 1 Konata Sketch 2 by HyperEspio Konata Sketch 2 :iconhyperespio:HyperEspio 0 0 Konata Sketch 1 by HyperEspio Konata Sketch 1 :iconhyperespio:HyperEspio 0 0 Knuckles Rape Face by HyperEspio Knuckles Rape Face :iconhyperespio:HyperEspio 3 1
Demetrius OC Meme
Full Name: Demetrius Washington
Nicknames: D
Sex: Male
Age: 25
Birth Date: IDK
Death Date (If character has died):
Birthplace: New York
Current Residence: Michigan
Race (If human then state nationality): African-American
Height: 5'8
Weight: Large
Body Type: Buff
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Skin: Black
Distinguishing Characteristics/Markings: Goutee
Physical Flaws/Birthmarks/Scars: N/A
Usual Attire: Punk outfit
Tattoos/Piercings: Serpent on his stomach
Other Accessories: N/A
Personality Traits: Grumpy / Outgoing / Active / Romantic
What annoys him/her? Scratch, idiots
What makes him/her happy? His boyfriend, and making love to anyone.
What does him/her think is disgusting? N/A
Greatest Fears/Phobias: Losing to Scratch in a Battle
Patience Level: Low
Self-esteem: Low
Does him/her fit into a certain clique (goths, jocks, preps, etc.)? Jocks
Hobbies/Interests: Basketball / Love / Sports
Color- Red
Food- Hamburgers
Place- Gym
Animal- Wolf
Clothing- Jacket
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Love Rectangle by HyperEspio Love Rectangle :iconhyperespio:HyperEspio 0 0 No-Face Fsjal by HyperEspio No-Face Fsjal :iconhyperespio:HyperEspio 1 1 Deidera Fsjal by HyperEspio Deidera Fsjal :iconhyperespio:HyperEspio 1 0

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After the completion of Survivor Last Chances, I finally have some updates on the Scores. Also, there will be some small news updates after I post the scores at the bottom! ^^


1st. Garrus (2.066) UNFINISHED
2nd. Batgirl (2.0123) PRISON
3rd. Littlefoot (1.9958) PIRATE
4th. Andrew (1.9935) EMERALD
5th. Dixie (1.8676) BLOOD
6th. Robert (1.8144) MARBLE
7th. Nightwolf (1.7991) EDENIA
8th. Mordin (1.781) VIRMIRE
9th. Aladdin (1.7622) HYLIA
10th. Kasumi (1.7474) VIRMIRE
11th. Beat (1.7385) SEGA
12th. Cyrano (1.7357) DISTANT
13th. Jiro (1.7224) FOREST
14th. Morrigan (1.7213) KATTLELOX
15th. Metal Mario (1.72) AQUATIC
16th. Ryo (1.6755) ALL STARS
17th. Etna (1.6715) HEROES
18th. Ben (1.667) FANS
19th. Tatsuki (1.6642) PACKERS
20th. Squall (1.6477) REALS


1st. Garrus (14.473) UNFINISHED
2nd. Dixie (13.369) BLOOD
3rd. Tatsuki (12.856) PACKERS
4th. Aladdin (12.761) HYLIA
5th. Beat (12.751) SEGA
6th. Jiro (12.664) FOREST
7th. Villager (12.597) BEACH BOWL
8th. Marge (12.033) DINGO
9th. Peter (12.0) EMERALD
10th. Kasumi (11.871) VIRMIRE
11th. Littlefoot (11.643) PIRATE
12th. Serena (11.528) SINGAPORE
13th. Metal Mario (11.456) AQUATIC
14th. Batgirl (11.448) PRISON
15th. Reala (11.428) KATTLELOX
16th. Dongwa (11.288) REALS
17th. Hyde (11.25) BATTLE
18th. Etna (11.217) HEROES
19th. Ben (11.21) FANS
20th. Mordin (11.134) VIRMIRE


1st. Garrus
2nd. Batgirl
3rd. Littlefoot
4th. Andrew
5th. Dixie
6th. Robert
7th. Nightwolf
8th. Mordin
9th. Aladdin
10th. Beat
11th. Jiro
12th. Metal Mario
13th. Ryo
14th. Ben
15th. Tatsuki
16th. Squall
17th. Reala
18th. Etna
19th. Jordan
20th. Hyde
21st. Mickey
22nd. Marge
23rd. En-Tee-I
24th. Eevee
25th. Isabelle
26th. Samantha
27th. Cousteau
28th. Zatanna
29th. Rain
30th. Curtis
31st. Raine
32nd. Bayonetta


1st. Garrus
2nd. Dixie
3rd. Tatsuki
4th. Aladdin
5th. Beat
6th. Jiro
7th. Marge
8th. Littlefoot
9th. Metal Mario
10th. Batgirl
11th. Reala
12th. Hyde
13th. Ben
14th. Mordin
15th. Etna
16th. Andrew
17th. Nightwolf
18th. Robert
19th. Samantha
20th. Mickey
21st. En-Tee-I
22nd. Eevee
23rd. Ryo
24th. Rain
25th. Squall
26th. Jordan
27th. Cousteau
28th. Zatanna
29th. Isabelle
30th. Bayonetta
31st. Raine
32nd. Curtis


1st. Singapore
2nd. Dingo Canyon
3rd. Lake Hylia
4th. Kattlelox Island
5th. Last Chances
6th. Beach Bowl Galaxy
7th. All-Stars
8th. Unfinished Business
9th. Pirate Lagoon
10th. Yoshi Desert
11th. Reals vs. OCs
12th. Blood vs. Water
13th. Packers
14th. Emerald Hill
15th. SEGA All Stars
16th. Battle Royale
17th. Heroes vs. Villains
18th. Waterfall
19th. Prison Island
20th. Forest Maze
21st. Destiny Isles
22nd. Marble
23rd. Virmire
24th. Cuties
25th. Fans vs. Favorites
26th. Aquatic Ruin
27th. Edenia
28th. Koopa Beach
29th. Ultimates
30th. Distant
31st. Redemption Island
32nd. Green Hill

Last Chances was a lot of fun to write in all honesty. Tons of entertaining characters voted in by you guys! Thanks for a good cast, and a decent winner to balance it all out! Etna winning on her third attempt... for me at any rate is way better than someone like Boston Rob winning on his fourth try. Why? Because Etna's performances have been consistant. Third to Second to First. Boston Rob went from Pre Merge to Finalist to back to Pre Merge to Finalist again. Lol.

Survivor Final Showdown will finally begin on June 21st. It will be updated every Tuesday from here on out. On Fridays, I will be updating a new kind of series involving Fire Emblem Fates. 16 characters from Hoshido, and 16 characters from Nohr will participate in a "Big Brother"-esque game where they must compete against eachother in order to stay in the game. They will live in a large mansion, and share it with the enemy country. There will be a competition every week to determine which country is safe. There will be a lot of reader involvement. You will get to choose two of four nominees each elimination week, and get to pick the person in charge of the other two nominations. Every week after the first week will see one man and one woman eliminated from the game. Once we get to 16, the teams combine into one, and it becomes fair game for both sides.

  • Listening to: Nothing
  • Reading: My Survivor Series
  • Watching: Fire Emblem Fates Gameplay
  • Playing: Smash Wii U / Tomodachi Life
  • Eating: Brownie
  • Drinking: Water


United States
I am a simply Survivor writer who's been writing Survivor fanfiction for the last 3 years. I have created 31 unique seasons of Survivor using video game/tv show/movie/anime characters, and sometimes my own OCs and friend's OCs.… is where you can find all of my Survivor seasons. Trust me, the first 8 or so seasons are lack luster compared to the seasons nowadays. I do plan to rewrite some seasons with updated, cleaner content and detail.



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