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DotW: Graham



Name: Graham
Gender: Male
Rank: Too young for a rank
Age: Juvenille
Height: 30" (35 as adult)
Weight:89 lbs. (95 as an adult)
Build: generally fairly round, well fed, appears to be broad as well. He will thin out incredibly as he gets older.
~Pup: Macaulay Culkin;…
~Juvenille: younger Josh Hutcherson;…
~Adult: Josh Hutcherson (again xD);…
~Elder: (gotta find a decent elder voice for him)

Territory: Chandor
Family:Davis(Adoptive Father),Magpie(Adoptive Mother), Payton(Sister), Aleksey(adoptive brother/ cousin), Polaris(cousin), Rhaegan(adoptive brother/cousin)

Graham is in short terms, a momma's boy. He hardly ever wishes to leave his mother's side, and when he does it's when he lets his curiosity get the better of him.He has a balanced mix of both feminine and masculine traits. He is obsessed with keeping himself clean and away from anything dirty. Most pups his age are rowdy and playful. Graham is not by any means this way at all, he's more of a trickster and tends to get others in trouble for his ideas. He refuses to romp around with others, unless he is in the certain rare mood to do so. He is much more interested in watching others and observing behavior. However, like all boys, he pretends to hate getting loved on by his parents in public, and he is incredibly protective over his sister, Payton. He carries himself highly, but really tries not to look down on anyone else. At this age he is a very curious little guy and is always trying to figure out new ways the world around him works. Graham is also always eager to meet new faces. But most uniquely, above all, he is more of a listener than a talker. He leans more to the quiet side, but this does not mean he is shy. He is simply more interested in what others have to say.

Pre-Group History:
Graham doesn't remember very much about his past before Davis and Magpie came around to save him and his sister. He remembers a skirmish between two wolves, and standing next to his sister, terrified of the situation. He was so young that his vision wasn't quite fixed, so much movement was a little bit of a blur to him. As the fight died down, Davis and Magpie rushed to the scene. His father cut down the attacking wolf, while his mother comforted the wolf who had fallen. His mother was begged by the fallen wolf to take these pups in, before her wounds had taken her to an unearthly place. Graham couldn't make much of what was happening. He wasn't sure why he was there, or what was going on. But he was being saved! Taking in the dying wolf's last wishes, Davis and Magpie then took him and his sister to a very new and unfamiliar place, but at the same time it welcomed them with open arms, everyone was eager to see the little pair of pups, and the couple who had brought them in. This place was known as Chandor, a pack where family meant everything to these wolves. Graham never considered anyone else family but the three he was with that fateful day; Payton, Davis, and Magpie. 

Group History:
Joining (+2)


Constantly looks at himself in any reflection, just to see how he looks
Constantly smoothes down his fur,and even sometimes grooms himself
eyes are half lidded most of the time
curls his tail around him when he sits
has incredible posture 

Graham and his story are mine
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