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Tediore Quality Repeater 2

Made another one! I covered up more of the rivets with the vinyl wrap this time. I probably made this one in half the time the last one took me. Also changed up the decal to get some of the purple rarity "Tediore" logo colors. I love these guns!

For sale on eBay: >>>>> [link] <<<<<
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Holy crap what I would give for Borderlands cosplay guns. I wouldn't want a tediore tho, I'm a bandit/dahl guy myself
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If that gun explodes when you are my hero. Lol
NumptyMcPillock's avatar
The colour scheme plays merry hell with my eyes :D
Hypercats's avatar
I really like this carbon fiber vinyl. I picked up a roll of it last spring and never used it. It seriously need a coat of silver paint and a colored topcoat to make it more visible than the original black vinyl. You should see if you can pick some up, it'd look awesome on some of your guns!
NumptyMcPillock's avatar
Maybe black on the furniture so it looks like dusty battered carbon fibre rather than dusty battered plastic?

I think it'll be too fiddly for my short temper, but it's an option if i'm inspired
Hypercats's avatar
yes, it is very fiddly.
Template93's avatar
does it actually fire, or is it just using the blaster as a base?
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I guess it fires, it's brand new and came with little plastic darts. I never really tested it.
Template93's avatar
if not, it still looks cool.
Ho7y5hoXX's avatar
Reload and throw it!! :D
Looks rly epic, nice work :3
Hypercats's avatar
Thanks! I'd love to do some bigger Tediores, like the shotty and smg some time.
LinkyKOS's avatar
This looks very impressive ouo
LinkyKOS's avatar
ColoredSpice's avatar
But I'm not a high enough level to use that gun! :c
Hypercats's avatar
Start grinding!

I debated putting a lower level on the card, but I have a lvl 20, lvl 12, lvl 44, and lvl 50 character, and the lvl 50 guns are pretty amazing.
SoulSerppent's avatar
Awesome Job ! --- It looks real good , Though- Im working on my gun smithing degreeand i can see it would have a hard time functioning in reality lol , but still , il take a look on your ebay - i would not mind adding to my extensive fire arms collection just cuz it looks Awesome ! -kinda i wish the mag would seat flush to the mag well
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Yeah, unfortunately I didn't design the gun, I just painted and vinyl wrapped it. I agree that the knife in the bottom not sitting flush looks wonky, though. It looks like it's on a bad angle that you could fix by pulling it out, turning it around, and putting it back in, but it juts out at that shitty angle either way. Poor design, I guess. Still, it's interesting and unconventional enough to make a good "sci-fi" or "future tech" prop.
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Thanks! DA seriously needs a like button. :3
IchorData's avatar
Aww... How coot. :aww:
Naw, seriously, very cool design but I don't see it being very accurate with that short barrel.
Hypercats's avatar
I thought it looked pretty cool too, until someone pointed out that it looks like a staple gun. Now I can't unsee it! TEDIORE! For when you need to staple up a tarp!
caballero-nocturno's avatar
cool bro, direct to favorite :D
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