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Sci Fi Nerf Scout

I'd like to say "this one's a keeper", but I gave it to a friend this weekend. I like how the woodgrain turned out, it's a technique that I haven't done since 2007, and I can't exactly remember all the steps. Anyway, it turned out pretty much exactly how I wanted it. I was going for a very minimalist approach to a weathered sci-fi sidearm, something that wasn't too flashy and wouldn't be the focal point of whatever scene it was in. Kind of like the Aliens colonial marines pistol, or the Battlestar Galactica pistols, or Serenity/Firefly's sidearms. You know they're there, you know the're "future-y", but they're not as stupid crazy in their design as Men In Black or as colorful as Borderlands.
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That is the best wood I've ever seen. O.O
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It's not that hard. I'll be putting up a tutorial soon if you want to try it for yourself. I want to do it again on a larger surface for the tutorial so you can see some of the steps I omitted for this one.
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The wood grain is astounding! :D
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Thanks! I'm pretty sure it can all be done in a day if you want to take a crack at it, but I don't remember what the drying time for the wood stains are.
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The woodgrain is fantastic. I'm working on a BSG inspired Scout for someone at the moment, it's heavy, as the guy wanted it fully weighted. Never done it before, but it's turned out really great for feel.

I like the little detail you added in the little areas of red and blue.
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Thanks! Good luck with your BSG gun, I'm sure it'll turn out awesome. I can't take credit for the red and blue faux LEDs, Johnson Arms did it on a couple guns and it that part of the gun looks great as sci fi lights. I would have gone with other colors, but all I had in gloss was blue and red.
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