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Post apoc ghetto blaster



So I managed to make a barrel attachment for the Maverick from Stampede parts and some 1" acrylic tube. We have a teslapunk con this weekend, and I thought this big, chunky gun would be perfect for being NOT STEAMPUNK FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IF I SEE BRASS GEARS ON EVERY COSTUME I AM GOING TO KILL SOMEBODY.

So I have a friend who's coming up from Chi town and he needs a gun. This'll be perfect for him to lug around! Yeah, it's got some gold and brass, but I wanted to keep it looking as grimy, rusty, and dirty as possible. It's hard to tell in the picture, but the half sphere behind the cylinder and the grip are a light blue metallic which really makes the rust and the gold pop. This'd be a great Fallout gun too, I'd imagine, if I put some OD Green on the frame.
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Got any ideas for the Nerf Sharp Shot, used in dart tag?  My family gave me one years ago so I could join my sons in their around the house fights.  But I never used it until recently when I started reading up on Dieselpunk.  I have an idea of what I want to do with it, but would like to know if you have some thoughts on the matter.  Tanx