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Nerf Stampede Pulse Rifle - New LEDS



A collaboration with Brian Johnson, I put a smaller battery pack in it and apparently the 1.5 volts wasn't enough to make the LED counter anything more than "slightly dim". Also, the shitty Radio Shack linear switch I used took a shit. I tore all the wiring out, along with the seven segment LED display, the switch, and battery pack, and replaced it with a 3v AA pack, better switch, and new LED display (no idea if there were problems with the old one, I just wanted all fresh parts just in case). The new problem I had, and this was the main reason I didn't want to do it this way in the first place, was that I need resistors for every pin of the seven segment LED display that is lit. Having "25" show up means I need 10 fat resistors soldered in the middle of the wiring, then I have to bundle up two sections of five wires and five resistors, and make it fit in a quarter inch channel that is covered up by the LED counter plate. Not very easy at all. I had to take the wire bundles apart multiple times and re adjust them to get everything to fit. It would have been much easier to wire everything with the stampede taken apart so I can run wires inside the gun and tape them down, but I didn't do the wiring originally until after the gun was built, and I also didn't want to hide a battery pack inside the gun, especially since this LED counter eats batteries which is the other reason I didn't want to go with 2AA batteries: You still put out 3 volts, but now you're wasting 1.2 of that on the damn resistors.
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