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Nerf Rayven - Dominion Tank Police Style

Well, it's not an MN-23, it's not a C-26a, but it sure as hell has Seburo written all over the design. I'm not happy with the shade of grey I used as a base, I wanted something more like Nerfenstein's Rayven but whatever. There's a lot that can be done with this gun and I did like 4 of the things I wanted to, I can't get everything I want on one gun!
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how much money would i have to pay if you where to make a new one?
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I don't take commissions over DeviantArt, but if you'd like me to make you something, you can answer a few questions and fill out a commission request form on my website here:…
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No, I made it for a friend and it's gone.
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Nice work, thanks for shareing
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Thanks! That one is a couple years old now and I'm getting better!
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Looks really good! How did you get the Barricade barrel extension to fit the Rayven's muzzle?
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It's from a Spectre, and it just locks in place like the other barrel accessories. [link]
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Hmmm, that gives me ideas about what to do with my Muzzelite 10/22. Pretty cool.
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Awesome re-paint!
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That's one sexy blaster. :]
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Thanks! The Rayven has a lot of potential for custom jobs.
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No kidding! With the stock design and the bullpup layout especially.
I was thinking of attaching the spectre's silencer (like yours) and getting a District 9-esque paint job of orange and white with black in a few places. (I have to adhere to color scheme guidelines for my campus's humans vs. zombies game.)
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District 9 paintjobs are pretty fun, good luck! What city are you playing HvZ in? We have it here at the University but I haven't had much time to check it out yet.
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Bowling Green, Ohio.
I'm going to BGSU and this is my last semester, So I would like to get at least one game in before I go. lol
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Take some pics! I love to see what other people are doing with Nerf!
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I'll do that when fall semester starts up! :]
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Your lettering looks gorgeous!
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Thanks! It's Testors inkjet decals. I traced the lettering on a photo of the original MN-23 kit, and printed my vector art out to scale for the Nerf gun. Microsol and Microset really help with getting those decals to lay down and stay down!
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This really came out great Chris! The gun really came out great and the decals look pimp!
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Thanks! It's full of mistakes though, I used a coat of Bulldog and then put down a full coat of Rustoleum gloss grey and then other paints on top of that. Somehow the multiple layers didn't mesh well and the paint wrinkled pretty bad in a few places when I put the clear coat layer on. Strange. Also, it still peeled off with the masking tape in a few places. What's the best way to get paint to stick? Basecoat of plastic primer? Soap and water washing for prep?
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That's a bummer! Honestly its tough to know exactly how the paint will react, but in general if the paint underneather has some tooth to it, the paint above should grab hold. As for the orange peel, I dunno man, sorry!
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Yeah I don't know what went wrong, and it's more of a series of cracking wrinkles than orange peel. Fucking orange peel is another one of my peeves though.
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CRAP I just brought my spectre tip to do EXACTLY THAT!

-grumbles off to think of another idea-

Looks hot but!
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