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Miss Moxxi's Bandit Touch



I was in the middle of making a Bandit SMG and while searching for "Miss Moxxi's" weapon texture graphics, I ran across someone who was able to make a clearer rendering of Moxxi for me. I couldn't wait to start over on a new Firefly and wanted to try my hand at a "Bad Touch" type weapon asap. I love it. I did some Photoshop/Illustrator work and made some really nice graphics (the bluegreen/cyan stripes look a lot better irl than in the pics I took. Yellowish lighting kind of killed them) This is what Moxxi's Bad Touch would look like if it wasn't a Maliwan SMG, but instead a Bandit SMG. I might try to do Good Touch and a Bad Touch with more red and less "bandity" parts next time.

Also, it's for sale on Etsy: [link]?
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This is awesome. Cant wait to see the Bandit SMG. By the way, I also started making Borderlands weapons out of Nerf. I have 2 currently. Give them a peak.