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The biggest reason this project's been on hold for so long is that I really hate the 10 round cylinder in the Nerf Barricade. This thing looks more like a tool than a gun, and the cylinder just looks out of place. I replaced it with a microfusion cell from Fallout 3. Unfortunately, my printer seemed to be out of yellow ink, so it printed a bit on the cyan side... whatever, it took me all of like 20 minutes to make the graphic in Photoshop/Illustrator, print it, and glue it to the bottom of a plastic tennis ball cannister. I might try to make a smaller one, this one is very snug. It definitely looks more like it belongs than the original dart cylinder. Let me know what you think of the MF Cell!
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I love this because I never see people making cool "ordinary" scifi stuff, like tools. It's beautiful in its own industrial way.