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Custom Steampunk Maverick1 - Cosmetic mods

I put a Point Break grip and a Stampede Barrel on a Maverick and painted it up. I like how it turned out!

Build photos and details here:
>>>> [link] <<<

1080p video of it here:
>>>> [link] <<<<
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That looks really cool.
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can you tell me where i can find the build details? the specified link is dead unfortunately.
AssassinAltair93's avatar
whooooaaaaaa 0.0

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Very, very unique-looking!
Hypercats's avatar
Thanks! I can do some pretty fun things with a Maverick.
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gorgeous! what did you use for the slide? also what was your inspiration?
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The slide is from a Super Soaker Point Break. [link] I have no idea what my inspiration is, endless hours of pouring over hundreds of "steampunk" photos and "custom mavericks"? My goal was to make a Steampunk Maverick that was multiple levels above "here's my steampunk maverick that i painted gold lol".

The shape, colors, and textures make it feel more like a nautical retro-future piece than standard "airships and gears" steampunk. It has the weathered brass of the bottom of the grip. It has the dark, weathered wood tones of the grip and the slide, and the rest of it feels like dirty, weathered, iron and steel, with the one clean piece being the polished, brass, filigree cylinder. Check out some photos of antique nautical equipment. There's some pretty awesome textures and colors.
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This is sick, good job!
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Haha best description EVER .. 'oh you know I just put a PB grip and a Stampede barrel and this is what happened'. It is epic... epic gun is epic!
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:P, yeah, you know, it's like Lego: you just snap parts on and everything just works. It's not like I spent over a year trying to come up with the perfect combination of parts or anything.

At least that's what I tell people. :D

Also, I'm REALLY liking the black/gold/filigree combo on the Mav, and I'll probably do that for my next paint scheme on the Maverick.
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It turned out so well that sounds like a good idea!
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I feel like the barrel you used to extend the gun is exactly what the Maverick has always been lacking. I've seen lots of other extensions added on before but this one seems to really fit the look. Excellent colors and the stenciled chambers are fantastic.
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Thanks! Decals make a difference.I don't know if you saw this work in progress pic, [link], but I almost didn't use the front barrel. I think it'll still look good with the Nerf Scout 1" barrel if it's got a gold/black/woodgrain paintjob. I have a whole box of Mavericks that I want to try different combinations on.
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I like that it's not so obvious that it has maverick heritage. nicely done.
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Thanks! The whole point of this project was to improve on the stock Maverick profile and make it look less like every other Maverick. I've dug through hundreds of images of "custom Mavericks", and I can tell you that this one is truly unique.

The other thing I saw that I wanted to do was to put a pistol stock on it. I found a pic where someone had taken the Recon stock, flipped it over, chopped it up, and mounted it to the Maverick's grip as a stock. Looked pretty sexy. :3
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That sir is the best mod I have ever seen on a Maverick! Absolutely beautiful.
Hypercats's avatar
Thanks! I can't say it's the best I've seen though, although it's probably one of the better "still works as a Nerf gun" Steampunk Mavericks. I've actually seen one other Teslapunk Maverick that someone had at Teslacon that had some really amazing electrical concepts. Things I know I can improve on and polish up a bit. :D
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do you still have the rest of the Stampede?
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No, I turned it into a Pulse Rifle a while ago.
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damn, I took the air restrictor out of mine and now I need to replace that part.
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I thought I might still have it, what's it look like?
Xavkitsune's avatar
[link] the long piece just above the shell in this pic, the chamber/plunger tube.
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