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Custom Lanard X8

Just a quick paintjob I did for a friend for his birthday. There's some blue hues to some of the metallic silver paint, but it's really hard to see with this lighting setup. I need to get my white levels better balanced. :/
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Can I ask how you removed the piece that was originally covering the hammer at the back?
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With a dremel and a cutoff whell. :3
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*nods* Should be able to get a hold of those! I guess you just patch up any holes with something?
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Yeah, or you can just leave them. They're not really holes. You'll see when you cut the bits off.
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Outstanding concept design and craftsmanship. Bravo!
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Pretty! Where's the base gun from?
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thats cool but is that the settler pistol from rage?
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No, but that settler pistol is pretty cool looking. I was just going for some dark metallic colors and dark woodgrain.
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shurely different to my postapocalyptic Version, but pretty cool. I love this steampunk-style. :-)
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Yeah I managed to pick up a couple of these and just wanted to see what it looked like with a quick paintjob. It's a fun shape and I'll probably do some more higher detailed paintjobs on them later.
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Amazing job! this looks awesome.
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Looks great reminds me of hellboys gun
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Yeah it's a good chunky shape for a revolver. You could probably paint one in a flat/matte black with silver highlight and use it for Hellboy cosplay.
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Nice paintjob!
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I really like the wood grain on this.
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Thanks! I have tutorials if you ever want to try it yourself.
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would love to see them! I was even looking around for one of these guns, looks like they don't sell them anymore.
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Yeah, the Lanard X8's been out of production for a while now. If you're lucky, you can find them on Amazon for $25, but that's a bit steep for me considering I saw them as low as $3.99 when they were in stores.
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Ahh, I should have recolonized the name. I remember watching this awhile back, good tutorial.
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Thanks, it was my first video, and I know it rambles, so I plan on making a much shorter version soon. I've got the process down to about 2 hours tops now.
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