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All throughout history what has been thought to be scientific fact has been altered. People have always been wrong. It used to be an accepted fact that margarine was better for you than butter and anything with corn syrup was bad for you and that another ice age would be here in a decade or we'd be underwater by now. Now people are STILL thinking we're going to be underwater in twenty years (again XD), butter is better for you than margarine becasue of transfats, and corn syrup isn't bad for you because it's natural. Only a few of the many things that have been once facts and have been since proven wrong. There many other things. EVEN SCIENTISTS WITH PROVEN FACTS CAN BE WRONG. GET OVER IT.

I personally prefer to believe in things that I've experienced personally. I don't care if someone else doesn't believe in it. Just know that just because someone or a textbook tells you something is true doesn't mean it is.
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i don't even know what to say about this
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lmao you must be beyond dumb.
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Facts are always right. That's theories, hon. I know this stamp is old, but I couldn't not take the bait.
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> not right
you sound like a goddamn idiot
HyperactiveMothMan's avatar
Says the person who commented on a harmless stamp just to insult the maker.  If you don't like the stamp don't use it.  Why waste effort to insult someone just because you don't agree with them?
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Oh, I just wanted to point out the fact that you are, indeed, an idiot. Science isn't always right? Well, have fun being really sick in a few decades and hopelessly praying that Jesus will help you! It's falling upon deaf ears, my friend.
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Jesus?  You think I'm a Christian? XD  I thought the point of this stamp was that I don't blindly believe everything I'm told.  I never said all science is fake, I'm simply saying that humans don't know everything and there's plenty of bullshit people try to feed you that is simply wrong and considered scientific fact.  People consider one thing to be a scientific fact, then disprove it a few years later.  Such as that margarine/butter example I gave in the description.  I never meant to give the impression that I was one of those people who think the world is only six thousand years old. XD

Try not to jump to conclusions so quickly in your haste to insult people.  Or better yet if you don't agree with someone simply don't use the stamp.  Going out of your way to make someone feel bad for no reason other than an opinion different from your own is a habit of the Christians you apparently don't like. You don't know everything and sometimes you just might wind up making yourself look like an idiot. ;)
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Research has shown that Margarine is one molecule away from being plastic, I don't know about ya'll but I would not put that shit in my body.
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That's why we call them "theories", not facts eue
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this stamp makes a great point. i like science, it's interesting to me, but it's not like i 100% depend on it to answer all my questions. science can only go so far. some people act like science is the only dpendable thing you can trust. i'm like, "why???" lol
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Yeah. XD Granted a lot of it is right, but still, so many "facts" keep changing.
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Don't believe the Corn Industry's propaganda. Corn Sugar is not the same as cane sugar. Your body does not procress it the same, and it give you a high change of diabetes and liver disease.

And butter isn't better than you than margarine because of transfats, it's better because your body knows how to process butter. No so much all the chemicals in margarine. But depending on your situation, margarine can be better if you have bad cholesterol.
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Huh. I did not know that. Thanks for the info. :)
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Why don't we just throw science out the window since it's not right at all. Or bother teaching it since it's going to be wrong in the end anyway?
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And why bother trusting science if they're always proving themselves wrong! In fact, next time you need medical attention, in a show of defiance against science, don't go to a hospital. You know since medicine is a science.
HyperactiveMothMan's avatar
I can't afford a hospital anyway. XD
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All well and good then.
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Lolz, textbooks are written by experts who have spent their entire lives experiencing what they discuss. XD

You don't believe in Global Warming? o_O What the heck!?

We already had our second Ice Age. XD It was back in the 1800's.

The point of science is that instead of harboring on ancient beliefs whether they are true or not, science looks at those beliefs and sifts the fact from the fiction. It's constantly doing this; and it renews itself when it figures out it was on the wrong track. Certain things, though, are completely provable by anybody with the right equipment, such as memory loss and how combustible the air around us truly is. :) If you refuse to admit your mistakes, you'll begin to believe them, it's called cognitive dissonance. The point of science is to explore what we don't know, and accept only what is provable. :D Or make predictions and work to prove it. It's really quite fascinating; its what separates humans from all other organisms.

The most interesting things happen when science changes. For example, we are now beginning to discredit Einstein's theory of relativity because it doesn't take into account subatomic particles. But instead of saying that even though it has been disproved it's still correct, scientists are at work fixing his theory so that it will be correct again. :) Science works to fix.

And if you're against textbooks, then don't send your children to school. And when they die early in life, lacking the nurture and social environment they needed to survive, I'm sure you'll be proud and happy, knowing that your children didn't listen to anything you or anybody else said, just their own gut instinct. ;)

What's really hilarious is that whenever you get angry about an ethical topic, you make a stamp for it. XD I should make you angry about more things, then you'd get better with stamps. Look at the edges; the lack of transparency can make stamps unpleasant to look at. ;)
HyperactiveMothMan's avatar
And for your information, when I have kids, I'll raise them how I wish and that is none of your business. THey aren't going to die early in life just because they believe in something that isn't proven by science. Quit disrespecting me and my beliefs.
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I'm not disrespecting your beliefs, I'm saying that if you think textbooks are so bad it's awfully likely you aren't thinking of sending your kids to school. School is an important part in the intellectual and social development of kids, as well as an important part of preparation for the working world.
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I don't think textbooks are bad I just know that the information is always changing and so it isn't always accurate. Staying in this world would by law require my children to get schooling of some kind, in which case I would either have to send them to school or homeschool them. EIther way they'd have to learn a certain curriculum. But you can learn faith and knowledge at the same time. And if they choose the same path you did then fine. I choose to believe in magic and spirits and all that fun stuff.
Dreyfus2006's avatar
I'm not discussing beliefs, though, I'm talking about information. ;) Or at least, that's what I mean to discuss, I dunno what I said exactly. -.-

The fact that things are always changing is why they publish new textbooks. :) Though I suppose the trees aren't completely happy. XD But textbooks don't tell you what's 100% right. They tell you what is accepted as correct at the time. This is generally further assumed to be correct, but you never know what will come up in the future so that's why it's a general understanding that the textbook is only discussing what at the time of being published is fact. It's up to the teacher to keep you up-to-date with any inaccuracies. :) It's like a newspaper, but the reporters are all Harvard graduates.
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