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A story for Akatsuki fangirls5

You were sitting at home one day, you were on the computer looking up pictures on Deivantart, and you realised something, you realised how lonely you were. You didn't have a boyfriend, you had friends but you hadn't seen them in awhile. You looked around your house and noticed how big it was. To big for one person. I know, you thought, I'll get a dog. You shut down the computer and grabbed your bag before you left your house. You had plenty of money from your job so you knew that getting a dog wouldn't make that much of a difference in you bank. Most people would get a cat, but cats always needed something, weather it be a pat, food, or wat

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It's weird to think that you are gone. I keep hoping to see you at school or even when I get home. My world seems so much more gray with out you here by my side. I feel as if there is a hole in my chest. Could this be how hollows feel? Is it kind of feeling that turn people into hollows? This empty feeling inside. It drives me crazy when I ask people about you and they don't even know who you are. It makes me think that maybe it was all in my imagination. That maybe you never were here and I was just so lonely and bored with my life that I had to make you up. No. I know you were here. I know that you saved my life, and that I saved yours. I

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