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The Time Traveler's Wife

This is a project I finished about The Time Traveler's Wife for English (due today actually :D). I just got Photoshop! So I digitally painted my inked sketch. I might upload the sketch later. :)

The greatest symbol is an old fashioned clock. On the left side it's broken, and on the right side it isn't. Also, the big red thing in the middle is a heart that symbolizes love and unity. If you couldn't tell. Zoomed out, the circular part of the clock is a yin and yang sign to represent balance.

I got the heart idea from this fanart. Very creative! :)

Wall [link]
Clock frame [link]
Clock wood [link]
Clock glass [link]
I think these are the ones I used...but I'm not sure. ^^

Sketch about 2 hours
Photoshop...longer than 2 hours

Materials: black ballpoint pen, Photoshop CS3
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Wow, this is beautiful! I love the colors
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I love the solid colour scheme and all the textures! Fabulous work!
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Thank you! It's one of the only really thought out and fully complete pieces in my gallery. Most of the others are just sketches or random characters ^^;
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You're welcome! :)
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I can't believe you stole one of the printed ones! So sneaky...
I am dissatisfied with the two-dimensionality of the clock's wooden parts. :(
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u will get better i will after i study this anatomy book i just bought :D

and i didn't steal it, i was given it by the printer fairy
big difference
That's awesome. I'm guessing because you finished this, you didn't have anything to stress about at lunch today. :w00t!:
In case you can't imagine, I'm laughing at you now. :giggle:
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