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Wiz Head Tutorial

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Wewt, done. Here you go, enjoy!

Can I also just say....the whole time I was working on this...I was watching the Mummy...every time...for 45 45/2.5 is about 20 something times...I've watched this movie so many times I pretty much have it memorized line for line...O.o...Why, I do not know...But it's such a good additicing movie!
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How much fur and chicken wire did you use?
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I'm sorry I don't know, I didn't keep track when I was making it. Maybe about 4-5 yards total for the whole costume (body, head, ears, tail, etc). Wire maybe 2-3 yards? if that?
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This is so amazing! I was wondering... You said you put stuffing around the chicken wire. What do you mean by stuffing? Sorry if this seems like a dumb question >.< I'm trying to dress up as Tamama from Sgt. Frog and I'm trying to figure out how I could make his head...
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Pillow stuffing sheets. You can also use upholstery foam like what I used for my Stitch. You can view progress pictures of that on my fb page:
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Okay thank you! :D
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question... have you tried using the chicken wire tactic with paper mache? i'm going to be making two of these heads, and covering it in paper mache, as i'm trying to make Mr. and Mrs. Pacman heads.
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Paper mache would make it far too heavy.
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I was wondering how I could keep the head from flopping around a lot? I will be attending a Halloween Costume Party Dance with a costume head made similar to this, and it seems like it would jiggle all over the place. I put foam around the neck (as tight as I can while still being able to slip my head in) but it is still super unstable. Any suggestions?
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This is probably a stupid question, but is it hot to wear or is the mesh netting for the mouth enough for 'air conditioning'?
Thanks for the tutorial, this helps a lot.
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It does get VERY hot, because the fur acts as an insulator and there's not much circulation. If you installed a small fan in there, then it wouldn't be as bad.
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AMAZING, THANK YOU! I've been trying to figure out how to make a donkey kong head for a long time. Hopefully, I'll have something to show soon
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Thank you so much. It's nearly impossible to find a head-making tutorial for an anime mascot character.

I made a Kero recently completely out of foam. This method seems a lot less expensive and a lot more rewarding.
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i wonder if monoyasha used this method for her emolga and minchino mascot cosplay
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I'm trying to use your method to make this but from where I am, its abit too expensive to afford. Do you have any cheaper alternative or similar?

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Chicken wire and cheap fur is probably the cheapest method you can do. Sorry, good luck.
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Thank you for the tutorial, your Wiz head looks amazing , i've been trying to make a head like this for ages. I do have one question though, i'm having a lot of trouble getting mine to balance on my head, it keeps on slipping down. Do you have any advice to stop this from happening?

Thank you again.
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Padding maybe? Mine sat on my shoulders, soo....
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Wow this is pretty amazing! :0 thanks for this ^^
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>w< This is so cool! :heart:

Quick question, where do you buy chicken wire? Sorry if you're asked this a lot >.> <//3
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oh, this is sooo cuuute! ur really good at this! XD

Can i try make this head? (i live in denmark, so u prob wont see me anyway)
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