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OPEN | HYNVALE COMMISSION PRICELIST | 2021 by Hynvale, visual art


Iavyaling Xi Mauryl by Hynvale, visual art

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Hynvale Divider by Hynvale, visual art


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Hynvale Divider by Hynvale, visual art

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Welcome to My Lair! Deviantart Page of Hynvale

| Anthro Artist | Experimental Graphic Designer | Poster Artist |

Commission/Business Inquires: hynvale@gmail.com


[F2u] Blue Eye

| Delivered Commissions Counter: 45

| Commission Status: Always Open!

| Trades: No

| RP: No

| Request: Nooo

| Collabs: Ask First

| Gifts for you: Selected Users

| Gifts for me: iiiiYeesss :)))

| Fanart: Coming Soon

| Art Raffle: Coming Soon!


"Hidup bersama organis rekaan ilusi - menjalin pikiran individu dari masing-masing zona realis ketenangan. Energi berfantasi ria bersifat semu semuanya dalam tujuan-tujuan yang seharusnya tercapai. Naturalis dalam derajat tinggi yang hakikatnya berada pada titik jenuh orisinil mulai melangkah demi selangkah menuju tumpuan tanpa arah - tanpa arti - tanpa pamrih. Manipulasi diri untuk menuju yang terbaik dalam ruang lingkup penuh citra yang mempesona akhirnya bersemi kembali. Peradaban semakin maju, sekalipun mereka hanyalah organis rekaan ilusi. Semoga bisa bersama lain waktu."

-Hynvale, 2020

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Rama Prabawa Aji 'Hynvale' is an Anthro Artist and Experimental Graphic Designer from Jakarta, Indonesia. Graduated in 3-years Diploma, majors of Graphic Design. I'm an illustrator who prefers work with anthro form of animal-based/creature - Yes, they're my favourite thing since 2003. First time I like anthro style when I was a child, from animated TV Show like Dragon League, Dinosaucers, Gargoyles, Extreme Dinosaurs, etc. There are several character like animal-human look which very interesting for me. Since of it I'm interested to drawing anthro style until being adult as largely worked freelance artist, although I must be versatile to any various aspect-fields for my sustainable development. That's why I enjoyed illustration, layout design, typography, fantasy-graphic element, and writing-fantasy skills. I use primarily in digital media and focus on realistic-look with the lineart-based art for character creation and painting-based art for environment thing. I'm generally inspired from anykind full of fantasy, native american stuff, norse mythology, and outer-mind-nature things. For anthro form, mostly working on based species dragon and wolf, but I'm also adaptable to any otherkind species.

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Also I'm open commission in long term cause this is my main income. I'm offering my commission services of anykind finishing type with high detailed, including:

- Lineart

- Headshot

- Bust-shot

- Half-Body

- Full-Body

- Full Illustration

Any gender and based-species are welcome! - dragon, wolf, reptilian, avian, feline, unique spec, etc. (but no human form, sorry!)​. Interested? Find out more on my journal:

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If you enjoy my original artwork and want it as merchandise, feel free to visit my platform website store on Redbubble, Teepublic, Tokome. There are several my original artwork for sale on any stuff like T-Shirt, Hoodie, Poster, Sticker, Bag, Phone Case, etc. Supporting me with buying my merchandise are very appreciated it!

Please note 'Tokome' and 'Arti' only refer to Indonesian audience.

| Redbubble

| Teepublic

| Tokome

| Arti.id

Hynvale Support+

Beside of open commissions pricelist, I'm also have a supporting page. If you like my work and are interested in supporting me as well, consider buying me a Ko-Fi or a PayPal tip jar. By donating you’re helping me produce my best work and another my life requirement such as upgraded/maintenance peripheral, cover basic monthly costs, medical treatments.

| Paypal

| Ko-Fi

© Copyright 2015 - 2021 Hynvale

All Rights Reserved.

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Tools of the Trade
HUION WH1409 Giano | Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 | Adobe Indesign CC 2015

Mawarku Sayang Maharku Dayang

Mawarku Sayang Maharku Dayang

Penjara-Penjara Jati Diri Kosmik Aura Antar Aurora Antariksa

Nyawa-Nyawa Berdarah Dingin Darah Daging Langit Ini

Bertamu Dalam Penjamuan Fantasi Dimensi Ketiga

Bersama Dalam Putar-Putaran Pusaran Alur Alunan Waktu

Insan Bernyawa Fiktif Dalam Ruang Fisik Penuh Sisik Nan Berisik

Estetika Tubuh Jalangmu Berpadu Pada Serapan Jiwa Ini

Selamat Datang Wahai Pujaan Pujangga Organis Rekaan Ilusi!

Selamat Datang Wahai Insan Bernyawa Lintas Senyawa Kasih!

Taring Rindu Taring Hasrat Taring Khayali....

Tahan Banting Dahan Ranting Lahan Santing....

Senyap Sunyi Lenyap Bunyi



Mawarku Sayang....Maharku Dayang....

-Hynvale, 2020

Street lamp - F2U Bridge - F2U Street lamp - F2U

Pixel Flower Divider - Red Pixel Flower Divider - Mauve Pixel Flower Divider - Red

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FIND HYNVALE ON FURAFFINITY | DEVIANTART | INSTAGRAM | KO-FI 🌿🌿 COMMISSION OPEN 🌿🌿 ♦━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ♦ !! To all my lovely audience either of watcher, supporter, visitor !! 🐺 ♡ 🦜 ♡ 🐈 ♡ 🐲 Hi there everyone! I'm Hynvale, a fulltime freelancer digital illustrator since 2018. Specializing in anthro artwork of animals, creatures, unique species! My commissions are now open! This is what I love to do! Brings more happiness to anyone with my talented skill. Also I'm open commission in long term cause this is my main income. I have information below for all types of commissions, and you can also read about each commission type here! Any gender and based-species are welcome! Dragon, wolf, reptilian, avian, feline, aeromorph, unique species, etc. (but no human form, sorry!)​. Usually I can take up to 8 slots per month. Anyway, make sure to read my TERMS OF SERVICE as there’s important information there. By commissioning me, you are agreeing to my Terms of Service! Keep
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Though I'm preferably to do commission work instead personal art for this year, but I've a planning to do fanart, was thinking of Sisu Dragon! As a person who lived in SouthEast Asia region, I should be excited and watch this movie! (well I preferr
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What my plan for 2021? ✨ Re-learning artwork skills especially scenery landscape ✨ Re-arrange commission sheet design (doesn't affect change price atm) ✨ Re-upload to my gallery of raffle prize I've received from various artist 💜 ✨ Want t
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