Zelda - Versus Odolwa
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My favourite Majoras Mask Boss: creepy voice, nice effects, easy and he couldnt be beaten in a wrong way.

Odolwa as a Boss in Majoras Mask
For my own pleasure

Majora's Mask (c) Nintendo
art (c) me
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Comments (59)
Platypusofdoom's avatar
Platypusofdoom|Student Interface Designer
"Daaw hut! Daaw hut! Hop tanai!"
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Nagneto's avatar
Nagneto|Hobbyist Writer
I still say he was the hardest boss.
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Utromchromedome's avatar
Utromchromedome|Hobbyist General Artist
Dat perspective Joy 
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Meka-karam25's avatar
that's amazing! best Zelda boss of all time!
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SmellsLikeVictoreh's avatar
God I love the weird words he says during the boss fight. I cant even describe them.
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Ben1in's avatar
Now that I think about it... He might have said his name over and over: "O-dol-wa, O-dol-wa!"

Well, maybe...
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AquaShadow3's avatar
((It sounded to me like he saying "Ninjago."

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Phantom-Feather's avatar
Phantom-Feather|Student General Artist
Eeh-Awww-Weoh! Eeh-Awww-Weoh! :icondancemonkeydanceplz:
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Raze55's avatar
Raze55|Hobbyist General Artist
I love Majora's Mask!
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hero-1012878's avatar
when I first fought Odolwa I thought he was saying "i'm aloud to fight!" one of my favorite zelda bosses, Majora was my over all favorite though second is Vatti.
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krule274's avatar
Those colors!
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Shadowkill90's avatar
Cool, Odolwa is My Favorite Temple-Boss in Majora's Mask.[link]
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TheLegendOfPock's avatar
TheLegendOfPock|Hobbyist General Artist
crazy dancing fat man
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Skull-the-Kid's avatar
Majora's Mask has very cool bosses. This one amazed me.
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Artsy-Dannie's avatar
his name is link zeldas the princess
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hadece's avatar
hadece|Professional Interface Designer
You see the dash? Think about why its there...
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Artsy-Dannie's avatar
ohhhhhhhhhhhhh sorry *hits my head against wall*
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psthatsme's avatar
psthatsme|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
VERY nicely done! Love the colors and the dramatic feel of it all
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Rogoma's avatar
Rogoma|Hobbyist General Artist
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Zanondorf's avatar
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lazerbot's avatar
lazerbot|Professional Digital Artist
omg thats awesome
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blacksun665's avatar
really nice
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