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I like Robot Jones
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I try to use DA Eclipse ...

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Hi,I'm Hylian Socks, call me Link or Socks.I love to draw, when I have time.

Favourite cartoon character:Socks (Timothy"Sox"Morton)


Favourite characters of video games:Link (TLoZ:TP) and Pit:

Chibies Link and Pit Gif 100

Ark of Terranigma

Ark icon 2

The hero of Robotrek

Kaiso icon

The hero of Soul Blazer

Icon Blazer

Will of Illusion of Gaia

Will icon

Trevor Belmont

Trevor Belmont icon

Leon Belmont

Leon Belmont icon

Richter Belmont

Richter Belmont icon

Juste Belmont

Juste Belmont icon

Nathan Graves

Nathan Graves icon

Jonathan Morris

Jonathan Morris icon

Soma Cruz

Soma Cruz icon

Hugh Baldwin

Hugh Baldwin icon


Alucard Icon 2


Stamp: Albus


Kratos icon 1


Django icon Boktai 3


Super Smash Bros 4 - Mega Man Icon 2

Conker T. Squirrel

Conker icon 1

Banjo the Honey Bear and Kazooie the Breegull

Banjo-Kazooie Club Entry

Alex of Amazing Alex

Amazing Alex icon


Stamp: Shanoa

Leon S. Kennedy

Leon Club Icon 1

Others:Master Morris Baldwin

Morris Baldwin icon

Abram the Healer of Wygol Village

Abram healer icon

and Graham Jones the Cult leader

Graham Jones icon
Link Fan Button (UPDATED)
Wolf Link Fan Button (Resubmit)
Toon Link Fan Button
Uzumaki Naruto Fan Button
Pit - Splash Card Stamp
stamp :: toon link
Sm4sh Toon Link Victory Pose 1
:Link: Oracle Of Ages pixel doll page
Stamp - Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
Stamp - Nathan Graves Fan
Stamp - Hugh Baldwin Fan
Socks Stamp
Robot Jones Stamp
.:ActRaiser (SNES):.
Soul Blazer Stamp
.:Illusion of Gaia (SNES):.
Slapstick Stamp
Terranigma stamp
Naruto Uzumaki Stamp
stamp hinata-sama
Inuyasha Stamp
Django Stamp
Sabata Stamp
Stamp: Castlevania +Richter+
Castlevania POR - Jonathan
Hanzo Hasashi stamp
Scorpion X  stamp
Sub-Zero stamp
Oliver and Dodger
Conker Fan
Banjo Kazooie Stamp
Asterix Stamp
Lord Frieza Stamp
Jinzoningen Stamp
Lucky Luke Stamp
pinky and the brain stamp 2
Cell is Perfection Stamp
Left Or Right stamp
Wakko Wanner Stamp
Tumblr 12c10336f03b9e31826be9d66ddbff3f 2950aa4a 2
Kristoff Stamp


Favourite Visual Artist
Michelangelo, Raphael and Claude Monet.
Favourite Movies
The Hunchback of Notre Dame,The Black Cauldron,Rise of the Guardians,Hotel Transylvania,The Road to El Dorado,Asterix,Lucky Luke,The Last:Naruto the Movie,One stormy night,The Flight of Dragons,The Last Unicorn,Oliver and Co.,Sleeping Beauty and Toy Story
Favourite TV Shows
Whatever Happened To Robot Jones?,Inuyasha,Dragon Ball Z,Naruto,Time Squad,Spirou,The Aventures of Tintin,Los Fruittis,Delfy,Yakari,Frankenstein Jr and The Impossibles,Invader Zim,Mighty Max, Count Duckula, Danger Mouse, Jungle Emperor Leo and Nu, pogodi!
Favourite Books
White Fang and Dracula
Favourite Writers
Jack London, Bram Stoker and Jean-Baptiste Poquelin
Favourite Games
The Legend of Zelda series,Castlevania series(OTM), Actraiser,Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia,Robotrek,Terranigma, Banjo-Kazooie,Banjo-Tooie,Conker's Bad Fur Day, Conker's Pocket Tales,God of War,Boktai 1 2 3,Mother 2 ,Kid Icarus, SSB series,Megaman,kirby .
Other Interests
Art,astronomy,the nature,history and more video games and cartoons

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You Are Welcome Thank you for the fav!.La Blazer

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Thanks for the fav!!
You are welcome!.La Ark 
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