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Pokimono - Ryuga

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Published: September 10, 2010
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Pokemon: Lucario

Age: 19

Birthday: March 17th

Village: Noir Vale

Job: Ninja

Ability: Steadfast – his speed is raised by one level if he’s flinched.

:iconfightingtypeplz: Aura Sphere – A blast of aura power is forced out of his body, the move rarely misses. The more Ryuga is damaged, the more powerful the blast would be.
:iconpsychictypeplz: Psychic (TM move) – Ryuga lets out a strong, telekinetic force, attacking his foe with the impending blast.
:iconfightingtypeplz: Close Combat - Ryuga attacks up close without guarding himself.

Likes: For a ninja of his past his greatest passion comes from music, dance and the martial arts. By melding all three elements together, his movements are smooth and within a beat. He enjoys food and skating, whether it be across water or icy lakes. He adores sweet food with a passion, pigging out on fruit whenever he finds some. Company is often his desire while he also enjoys telling stories and hearing of others. He enjoys fish whether it’s raw or roasted.

Dislikes: He really hates spicy food. Really, really hates spice. He hates people who show off more than spicy food. Fakers really drive him mad.

Personality: Timid in nature, he’ll often keep to himself unless otherwise allowed to join in. Despite his somewhat closed off attitude towards others, he is quite happy to be a part of the crowd, despite being slightly worried about them. He’s generally quite happy, his mind not made up until he’s officially settled with the group he’s in. He’ll happily accept help, but will scowl when the help is centred around pity. When music is being played, he’ll become a lot more open and jolly. In battle, he’s serious with complete focus unless someone calls his name. If there was ever a fight between people who shouldn’t be battling, he’ll be nervous when it comes to trying to break it up.

History: Ryuga was born within a village composed entirely of a clan of Lucario. The clan specialised in ninja studies and the art of controlling and manipulating the power of ‘Aura’. The Lucario believed the aura was the key to complete balance in body and mind, making them naturally light on their feet and ferocious in battle. To become a full-fledged ninja, a Riolu must first go through an initiation ceremony to fully balance their aura and eventually evolve into a Lucario. Ryuga was just like any other Riolu growing up; hard-working, disciplined well and listened well to his elders.

As Ryuga grew older, he practiced the power of the aura endlessly, trying his best to gain balance and perfect his ninja moves. He practiced his martial arts, even during the nightly dances and feasts where music was played while the power of the aura was worshiped in front of a blazing fire. He found that when music was played, his moves were smooth and graceful. On his fifteenth year, through hard work and perseverance, he finally was initiated as a true ninja and a member of the village; evolving into a Lucario, he had managed to perfect his aura abilities.

While the village appeared to be without war and all for hire, they weren’t without their enemies. Deep within the village, a group of warrior and sagely Gallade and Gardevoir lived close. They were ultimately the Lucario’s rivals in both hire and territory, all branching from ancient cultural family feuds. The groups were always finding some way to fight, had their own tests of initiation and acceptance. For the Gallade and Gardevoir, the residents were taught how to use the Psychic move. While they were like the Lucario in many ways, their Psychic moves came from an ancient machine, named a Technique Machine or a TM for short. The device was one of the first forms of technology found within the forests surrounding the villages. The Gallade and Gardevoir gained the machine through a fierce battle between the two rival villages; however, the Gallade and Gardevoir’s abilities outwitted the Lucario. They won it, but it still didn’t stop the Lucario.

Ryuga was determined. Always listening to the stories the elders told the young ones, his greatest desire was to get a hold of the machine and take it for his own village. The Lucario could learn Psychic but only through the use of this TM. He travelled far to the rival village, using his aura abilities to scout the positions of guards and the village itself. He moved silently, using all he knew to get past those who could sense their enemies. He moved at night, bouncing to each hiding place before he finally found it. The TM was within the elder’s hut, sitting as if it was worshipped like a god. It was quiet, nobody in the hut. It was brilliant! Nobody guarding the TM meant he could take it quickly and painlessly. Slowly, he moved towards it before he suddenly made a grab for the mysterious device; however, it wasn’t all quiet after all. He was quickly ambushed but, despite this, he had managed to at least grab the machine. He ran with it, running as fast as he could while trying to avoid all the village could throw at him. He continued to flee, until all was quiet and the commotion died down completely.

He felt lucky but that was too close. He stared at the machine curiously before getting an idea; what if he used the machine. He analysed it, prodded it until finally figuring out how to activate it. The machine glowed and, as if someone was taking a pencil and writing directly into his mind, the TM was imprinted into his mind and the ability was learned. He felt queasy but managed to get back up again and pocket the TM.

He wandered for a while, trying to find his way. He wandered for days, trying to at least find his way out of the forest so he could see the landmarks. Back in the day, the Riolu were taken out in hunting parties and made to memorise landscape beyond the forest. He continued to wander, the forest only growing darker by the day. He was getting fed up now and immediately took rest, his mind allowed to wander. Despite only being there for a short while, there was already movement in the area and without warning, he was ambushed by a single Gallade. The Gallade was from the village, a single scout who had managed to track him down. The two fought vigorously, neither giving up in strength or speed. The battle lasted through the night until the Gallade made one vital mistake. With one simple slip off a brittle branch, Ryuga threw a powerful aura sphere through his damaged body, amplifying the pain into pure power. The Gallade was defeated, the scout thrown out of the area and beyond.

Ryuga emerged victorious but he was badly hurt in the process. He continued to wander, his eyes focused on the aura emitting from a nearby forest. He moved faster but soon enough, after one call for help, he collapsed in the grass and slipped into unconsciousness. It took a while for Ryuga to regain his senses, his mind bouncing from one thought to the other. He was hurt badly but somebody had found him and took him to the place he was wandering to. He asked various questions to those nearby, eventually finding out the name of the place that surely saved his life; the Dark Forest Village.

Ryuga spent a majority of his time at the village, recovering and trying to make new friends; unfortunately for him, people steered clear of him and preferred to stay with their own friends. He grew restless, trying to find a place to belong in his new home but found little who were interested in him as a person. As time marched on, Ryuga just had to embrace his lone existence; however, time was marching on only to bring destruction to what he called his new home.

Dark Forest Village was destroyed in the Kami incident, forcing him to team up with a local Emolga ninja to travel to the only safe destination for his kind left. They headed to Noir Vale with a rescued villager from elsewhere, hoping only to escape the vast destruction taking their world.

Additional info:

- He has a soft spot for critters.

- He still gets nervous around girls, acting rather childish and sometimes speaking rather loud by accident.

- His voice is soft but becomes squeaky when nervous. He’ll sometimes talk in third person, but only to impress and talk about himself.

- He’s 5’8” and incredibly light; so light, his aura can carry him into the air when he’s powering it up. He can jump higher than normal people using his aura in such a way.

- He’s never had a girlfriend or had his first kiss.

- He’ll do anything for fish.

- It isn't known whether those are his actual feet or simply a type of sock. He can move his toes individually but if ever asked, he won't tell due to it being part of the 'code' not to give any Lucario ninja secrets away to outsiders.

- The mask does not stop poison attacks (obviously due to the vents on the sides), but will silence his breathing, no matter how heavy it gets.


If anything changes, more will be added.

And uhh, sorry for the short story/novella rather than a brief history ^^;
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my favorite pokemon.
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L-MASTERHobbyist Artist
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sabishiitaStudent Traditional Artist
Awesome Character. It's a shame, I've only just seen him.
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I've tried RPing with him a good many times, but it's like...people disappear .__.
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sabishiitaStudent Traditional Artist
Aw, that's a shame. I know how that is. It happens to everyone from time to time. ^^ Hey, if you ever want to rp, just shoot me an ask.
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Oooohhh thanks! Honestly, RP at anytime is well suited for me, I just miss it so much.
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sabishiitaStudent Traditional Artist

Oh no problem.

Yeah same here, I like having time to think up replies or just to take a breather.

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He looks like fun. Would you like to rp?
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Oh thanks x) I don't mind!
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Comments ok with you?
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Aye I don't mind, sure!
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:iconaroaroplz: The dragon hadn't been in Noir Vale in a while. She wondered if Karasu lived in the same place and she hopped faster, a mixture of floating and actual hopping. Up ahead, through a cluster of branches, she could make out something blue. Thinking that it was Karasu, Arok gave a great hop and tackled hugged the person from behind. "Kara-chan!!!" she cried, not yet realizing that it was a male Lucario she had tackled, and not her dragonair friend.
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Ryuga: There hadn't been many days Ryuga had spent with others, his ability to make friends was an incredibly poor one. His main focus was not on making friends, however, but rather helping the others of Noir Vale to whoever needed it. Sighing, he took in the scenery around him only to be tackled by a complete stranger and almost falling over completely. He held his ground and immediately looked behind himself, confusion clearly etched on his face, "A wha-who?? Who are you?"
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:iconaroaroplz: "Eh?" She blinked, a little startled. Since when did Karasu had a deep voice? Raising her head, she saw that it was not her dear friend that she was hugging, but a complete stranger. "Aaaah! G-gomen!" She waved her sleeves as she quickly let go but failing to activate her levitate ability had her falling behind. "Owwww..." She flushed red in embarrassment, as now she was ground, a bad thing thanks to her lame leg. "S...sorry.. .I thought you were someone else," she apologized again, smiling from her spot on the ground.
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Ryuga: There was an immediate shot of confusion with the way she had reacted after, most people would just run at that point. Oh well, so long as she had apologised then that was good enough. He turned around, staring at her for a second before making any reaction to what just happened, "Eh uhh, don't worry about it! It's probably my bad, maybe my outfit works too well...uhh, I mean, I am a ninja, hehehhhhh...that's not funny, is it".
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i might sound kinda stupid saying this but whats a rp?
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An RP is roleplay where you pretend to be that person aka a role. It's like writing a story with somebody or just chatting as a certain character.
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oh cool! i just wanted to know cause i was looking through the comments (im not a stalker XD) and i was reading the rp things they look really fun to do
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I want him O_O

Actully my character Kiki want him XD
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Hahah x) Well I'm glad you like him
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awww he's so cute~! >w<

I would love to rp sometime if you don't mind >o<
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I don't mind either, and thanks x)
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Ah so would you like to rp right now? x3 And you're welcome~!
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Aye sure x) My main problem is I'm all over the place due to important work and what not x)
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