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Link + Midna

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Rescanned it, and kept the organic colours because the resolution and quality was getting freakishly low over the clusterfuck of instagram filters applied.
I hate working in TP colour palette. But I love the detailed designs and colouring in general... ;_; More pencil practice.
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My buddies ;_;
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I just choked on a cracker in response to seeing this... XD
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Wow, they look painted! Nice!
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You are really good with colored pencils <3 and link looks very handsome!
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Hi there! Have you uploaded this to your Tumblr? I noticed that the WIP is there, but I don't see the completed version, unless I'm missing it. If it isn't, may I have your permission to share it on my Midna-based Tumblr? Totally cool if not :)
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Hi, thanks for noticing!
I was planning to submit this as part of a compilation because people don't really like to reblog finished pieces on its own ^^; but I posted this just for you 

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Thank you very much! Just added it to my queue. Really appreciate it :D
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yeS YES this is wonderful
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I remember seeing your WIP on instagram. It's really lovely! :heart: I'm always amazed by your colouring style! :wow:
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Nie ma za co :>
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awesome! I love how you colored it, it gives off a vintage feel. :star:
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too amazing <3
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This is so amazing *u*
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Ohhh, yeah |8 D
Kick some ASS!
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