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May 25, 2019
12:15 am
May 24, 2019
9:29 pm
May 24, 2019
9:05 pm
May 24, 2019
8:53 pm
May 24, 2019
7:59 pm
So phew - just came back from my trip to NYC and it was... a lot. A lot to see, a lot new to witness, understand.
I was kinda surprised how different it was than I'd have imagine the US, or at least what NYC was like, would be. Not a bad thing though - just different.
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1a by HyenaTig

Many impressions, many miles running through city blocks (first time witnessing actual city blocks!), many people all around, many cars, VERY MUCH HONKING AND SIRENS 24/7.
My trips marked the first ever time people talking to me because of stuff I was wearing or carrying around ("Love your shirt", "Like your shoes!", "It's cool that your pins are all animal themed").
First time seeing things like Best Buy, seeing and visiting Taco Bell, PEANUT M&Ms (love those).
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1c by HyenaTig

The only very disappointing thing: The Time Square Disney Store was suuuper lame... like really. One Judy plush and the Zootopia figures from 2016 - that was it about Zoot in general. NO OLIVER&COMPANY stuff, the movie that actually played IN MANHATTAN, NEW YORK CITY! Mostly Aladdin stuff, Frozen, Cars, Avangers (kids stuff). It was... very unsatisfying sadly. Not even nice pins, meh.
RAGE Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon Sweating [Disney] 

1g by HyenaTig

I was basically running through Manhattan 5 days long all day - only used the metro once (man, your metro stations are tiny compared to Berlin's) - legs and feet were hurtin' bad but there was so much to see! Nintendo World, movie locations, seems usual sight seeing stuff, MANY MANY nice comic and anime shops! (some in sizes and all with items that don't exist here). I even had to smuggle something back for friend - she wanted to have Wolfenstein II for Switch really bad - which is basically illegal to have here. Went well... thankfully ^^'''
Especially in the anime stores the staff was genuinly nice (they also allowed me to do some photos in their stores)!!
Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6]
(I'm not even THAAAT much into Anime, but most stuff I got was kinda anime based, lol)
Anime Emoji (Blush Oh yay dance) [V6] 

1e by HyenaTig

And wow, GameStop sucks even more in the US than it does in Germany. I visited three stores and all of them had basically just a very very disappointing selection of game.
(Many games don't get released in Europe physically so I'm always after getting those in my grabby grabby hands!)
check out this cute pokemon 

1b by HyenaTig

And the travel by plane did not kill me! So I guess it's a success?

1d by HyenaTig

Like said the biggest highlight for me was to visit some movie locations. It's feels kinda unreal to actually be at a place you saw in movies, cartoons and even as toys!
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1f by HyenaTig

So yeah - now I'm back and life goes the usual way again. Means - work tomorrow. And the struggle to draw good stuff. Today I won't be able to start drawing again, but tomorrow marks another day. Hopefully I've not forgotten how to do that stuff. ;D

Have a great week u guyz!
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Just finished watching Digimon Tamers, and now I feel bad. Like, really bad. I've dived into an English transcript of the digimon audiobook that takes place after the show called "Message in the packet" - and after Rika's monologue in the end I felt even more terrible. Unf... that will be a tough rest of the day for me.  ._.
So yeah - having a break for a week or two really kinda sucks art-wise. Always feels kinda like a struggle to get back in.
Wanted to draw something else but I kinda sucked - so I got back into Renamon which at least for now worked a lot better.

I think I'll get myself a cheap (standalone) portable drawing tablet soon so I don't have to have a forced pause while being not home while vacation time.
I just learned that a fellow furry (or digifur to be exact) I had occasionally contact with over several years and used to hang out with me on some Eurofurence cons, sadly decided to end his life two weeks ago.
He was a big time Digimon fan and I kept thinking about him a lot since I started those Renamon artworks last week. I wish I knew how he felt, wish I were able to be helpful and let him know he was important and liked. Since I started watching the show I already looked forward meeting him next time, talking about it. It's still hard to believe he's gone and will never come back..

I feel so sorry for him and hope he will find rest, whereever that will be.

People... please... if you feel empty, lonely, sad.. even though you might be in denial - you are not alone. Tell people.. try to talk with them about it..

On a personal note: I suffered from daily suicidial thoughts for almost 10 years until I got into therapy, since I was not able to help myself nor accepting the help of friends and close ones. Nowadays I know that this should not be an option, since I would only hurt and spread the sadness I felt onto others..
Started watching Digimon Tamers now!
The last time I've watched anything Digimon related was the first season in early 2000 when it aired the very first time. I loved it back then but kinda never got back to it. Sadly, I gotta say. Yea it has aged and all, but I still like getting back to old times... ^^'
I'm not very fond about anime TV shows but after the whole Renamon thing I was very curious.

Don't judge me!
Guilmon Eyebrow Wiggle

P.S.: Guilmon sounds like Stitch and Renamon like Bayonetta. Kinda.
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