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The 'Pit Bull Problem'

sorry people, the video has been relocated due to it violating policy here on DA. its really too bad, i think its DA's loss. the new address is [link]


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Aww... I'm a cat person, but this still touched me.

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I cried. I love my pit bull more than any other dog I have owned.
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I hate my mom for hating pit bulls. She's trying to get rid of my dog because he has pittie in him. Who gives a fuck? Stupid biased bastards.
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Thanks so much for posting that it's so true.
My pit is a big baby.If a cat smacks him he'll go pout.
I'm gonna share this, if you don't mind?
What's the name of the sog playing and who sings it?
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This made me cried.
At both the horribly mistreated ones and the ones with the children because those mistreated dogs or even the dogs at the beginning could have had a life like that if humanity hadn't been so cruel to them.
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this made me tear up. im thinking of getting pit mix puppy soon, and my dad refuses to let me have it because its part pit, even though his best friend has one of the gentlest pits I've ever known. Punish the deed, not the breed.
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OMG.... this is a video that all people NEED to see and let that sink into there heads that the human race needs to clean up there act. At one point i was talking to my friends and family about getting a pit, they are such sweet beautiful animals, my friends and families responce was "they are nasty, they have bitten people and killed other dogs..." You know if you think about it its NOT the dog its the people who raise them, the awful people who turn them into aggressive and "mean" looking animals. Thank you for posting this very informational video :)
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So tragic. Pit Bull hatred is just pure racisim.
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Every time somebody starts tallking about pit bulls, I imediately listen, and correct their every mistake. One of my friends thinks all pit bulls should be exterminated. I was surprised she said this because she is a vegetarian. When I said that, she said she didn't want them killed, just that all of them should be spayed and neuters so they will eventually die out. I had to brace myself because I didn't want to punch my friend in the face. I told her the truth, but she hates pit bulls because one or two attacked her siberian husky. To this day, I have been trying to get her to give pit bulls a chance. I want her to meet my sisters pit bull/german shorthair pointer mix. She is the sweetest and mildest dog anyone ever met. When I am older, I plan on having pit bulls. As many as I can.
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So, so true. I love pits, and I hope to have one of my own in a few years. I try to spread this message everywhere I possibly can.
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this video made me cry because it is so true. i love these dogs. a chihuahua is so much more likely to bite someone, and yet pitbulls catch all the hate. poor babies..
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no bad breeds,only bad humans.
spread the word all over the world.
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This made me cry :[
I love it/
More people need to see this.
For sure
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Truer words a few spoken
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My heart was heavy when I saw this. I own a pit bull mix, which was found a stray and my family adopted. And it makes me think, what if my dog was abducted and abused and fought? It makes me die inside to even think about it. Pit Bulls are just like every other dog. They have the same organs, the same bones, the same genes, the same pumping heart, the same wants and needs, yet people still think of them as beasts, not dogs.... disgraceful...
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I had tears running nearing the end, a wonderful video! This needs to spread far beyond youtube, that's for sure.
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oh my goodness... I got teary eyed at this..really I did. These dogs are beautiful, gentle creatures! No one seems to get that. You're wonderful for promoting the breed and showing how badly they are treated before they actually attack.

Also. extra kudos for using Twiztid music.
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;________; this almost made me cry at the end of it. Excellent work I tell ya!
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i dont know why it was a violation..there are far worse things on this site.that video is important.great job man.
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