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HUGE HOLIDAY STOCK FEATURE!!!!!!!!  (Hm.  Did I put enough exclamation marks?)  Oh well, good enough.  This has got to be the most epic feature I've done yet!  : D  I hope you all enjoy; this will be up until the end of December.

:holly: So here are the coolest and most fun holiday stock resources I could find--anything you could ever need for your yuletide creations!  From funny to traditional, to religious, it's all here!  And so, here I showcase a North Pole-sized bunch of fantastic stock photographers and their relatively unseen stock and resource pictures for use for reference, photomanipulation, and other sundry awesomeness. So please, check these guys out!  *** And remember to read the photographers' stock rules--VERY important.***   C: :holly:

:bulletred:  Oh, and speaking of yuletide contests...DamselStock is holding a Christmas Elf contest--if you want a place to put these stocks to use, check it out!  :bulletred:

Note--I went out and found more pics, and I do have a few well-loved ones here because I thought they were awesome and useful resources for all your photomanipers.  C:

:holly:  First off--models!  We've got kids, we've got elves, we've got Santa and Mrs. Claus...and much more:

Santa 1 by Peace-of-Art Santa 9 by Peace-of-Art Skydancer-Stock Wrapping Packages 12-16-11 34 by skydancer-stock Santa 4 by Khalidia Santa and his Elf Stock by SafariSyd Skydancer-Stock 0835 by skydancer-stock Lady Death Christmas 1 by MLeighS Santa 5 by Peace-of-Art Mother Christmas III by Eirian-stock Mother Christmas XII by Eirian-stock

Christmas Elf 81 by DamselStock Christmas Elf 28 by DamselStock Christmas Elf 94 by DamselStock Christmas Elf I by Eirian-stock magic of Christmas (6) by anastasiya-landa Dancing Elves by disneyland-stock Christmas Bear 3 by SBG-CrewStock Christmas Bear 1 by SBG-CrewStock MK-STOCK-109 by Angvil-Stock MK-STOCK-104 by Angvil-Stock Christmas - Sitting Poses 5 by Gracies-Stock Jude Elf V by IQuitCountingStock

:thumb190136997::thumb190135631::thumb271576351::thumb268202461: Christmas Blue-White I Stock by Rafaxx Lights 2 by Ferry-chan December 6 by Sitara-LeotaStock Snowflake I by IQuitCountingStock lil elf boy 2 by JensStockCollection:thumb336988277: Sleeping Scrooge by penny-duchess-stock

:holly:  Here, we have Christmas trees--decorated and not, lighted and not--even a few non-evergreens, submitted here for your use:

PINE TREE PNG by Moonglowlilly My little Christmas tree 2 by MagicoffMusic golden christmas by Maysmum misc background by dbszabo1 Antler Tree by simfonic Mister Christmas Tree Stock by CrimsonNightStock weird christmas tree by deepest-stock Unrestricted Object Stock - Houseware 15 by shelldevil Xmas Balloon 004 Tree by poserfan-stock christmas trees png by dbszabo1 Illuminated Tree by ArnaTornwolf Ornament Tree by HauntingVisionsStock Fiber-Optic Christmas Tree - Aqua by caffeine2 Snow-Covered Topiary Tree by FantasyStock Christmas Tree Stock 3 by FairieGoodMother Christmas Lights + Dove Epcot2 by WDWParksGal-Stock Blue Christmas by caffeine2 Christmas Tree Stock 2 by FairieGoodMother Frosty Christmas by zephyrofgod Whoville Christmas Tree by dendarr Christmas Tree Explosion 4 by FantasyStock Dark corridor with xmas tree by Ecathe Stock 525 - Whoville Tree by pink-stock Christmas Tree Gifts Epcot 2 by WDWParksGal-Stock Merry Christmas in pink -stock by vampirella-c

:holly:  Next--Ornaments!  Everything you need to decorate the aforementioned digital trees:

:thumb273842365::thumb273842926: .:Stock 46:. by Soulful-Tears-Stock Christmas Cheer 1 by musickscapes Christmas tree balls  PNG by aswad-hajja:thumb105849723::thumb134317018: Acorn Christmas Bell Ornament by EveyD Christmas Tree Background 4 by darlingstock 25 Variations of Dresden Badge Ornament - Style 1 by EveyD Christmas Bell Ornament by MogieG123 Red Ornament Orbs by Rubyfire14-Stock Ornamernt 06 Ratan Star by pitrih-stock Christmas Ornament106 by NoxieStock Jellyfish Ornaments by cynstock Reindeer jump by SpyHawk-Stock Christmas Ornament118 by NoxieStock Wise Man Star Christmas Ornament  - Red and Gold by EveyD Christmas Balls 1 by MochaCat

:holly:  And some gifts to put beneath:

Christmas Present Box Stack by SweetSoulSister gift 2 by Stock-Tenchigirl15 gift 3 by Stock-Tenchigirl15 Present - 01 by LunaNYXstock Present - 24 by LunaNYXstock Christmas 9 by Stock-Karr Present - 03 by LunaNYXstock Red Velvet Gift Box 2 by FantasyStock Green Velvet Gift Box 1 by FantasyStock Present - 31 by LunaNYXstock Present - 16 by LunaNYXstock christmas gifts IV by two-ladies-stocks Stock 159 - Gift by pink-stock Stock 163 - Gift by pink-stock Stock 160 - Gift by pink-stock:thumb159679852: Present - 08 by LunaNYXstock

:holly:  These are religious and culture-specific resources--ones that portray the respect and dignity of winter holidays and celebrations, as well as more traditional depictions:

Holiday Goddess 11 by mizzd-stock Holiday Goddess 7 by mizzd-stock Touch of Cold 7 by Kuoma-stock Jodi Green Gloved Goddess 04 by FantasyStock kwanza with DsB by danediger Nativity by MDV1 Mary and Joseph 6 by SophStock Camel Stock by ChaosKomori Drive by Jesus by JensStockCollection Christmas Play 4 by SBG-CrewStock Christmas Play 8 by SBG-CrewStock:thumb272634929: Hanukkah and Rosh Hashanah by therealShelob Many Candles 11054611 by StockProject1 Free Avatar: Hanukkah Menorah by FantasyStock:iconiconhanukkahplz:

:holly:  Decor--can't have a proper yuletide scene without the proper decor!  :XD:  Enjoy:

Skydancer-Stock 5341 by skydancer-stock STOCK - Nutcrackers 006 by Chaotic-Oasis-Stock holly 01 by cyborgsuzystock Holiday Sock Monkey by shd-stock A train of little xmas bears by steppelandstock Xmas Balloon 003 Reindeer by poserfan-stock:thumb268650139: Ice Skates Christmas Wreath by FantasyStock Ominous Santa by gerryray Gingerbread Houses by HauntingVisionsStock Santa Claus with Reindeer 2 by FairieGoodMother Snow Carolers Family 2 by OsorrisStock Santa Stock 4 by FairieGoodMother christmas 33 by ItsAllStock christmas 18 by ItsAllStock:thumb193028860:

:holly:  Let us not forget our furry (and other) friends!  Adorable and awesome animals:

Reindeer by abuseofstock Reindeer with Small Antlers by happeningstock Reindeer by tightlippedsmile Discouraged Reindeer by MogieG123 Caribou stock by Chiron178 Stock - Reindeer by centuries-before reindeer stock 1 by Sikaris-Stock
Christmas Cat by JacquiJax-Stock:thumb141050398: kitty7 by deadfearie-stock ChristmasKitty2_Mind-Matter by Mind-Matter seiyastock 94 by seiyastock seiyastock 95 by seiyastock Pretty Kitty v3 by ashes-stock
Francis Xmas Reindeer Dog 3 by FantasyStock Reindeer Dog 5 by Soppinaro Santa Paws by hbutl14 Tails Christmas Elf Dog 2 by FantasyStock Enjoy My Puppys by PrincessInHeaven dog- I love christmas by scratzilla
:thumb107645681::thumb107637066: cardinal stock 2 by Sikaris-Stock Daisy Reference 29 by MissNioniel Horse Chirstmas 11 by rachellafranchistock

:holly:  Can't forget lights!  Feast your eyes:

3126 by s3xkytt3ns-stock Light Reindeer 4 by SephirothXer0-Stock Festival of Lights 032 by MichaelGBrown Christmas 3 by achatinastock Studios Osborne Lights Stock 11 by AreteStock Legislature Grounds 2643 by schon Christmas WalkWay Lts 16 by WDWParksGal-Stock Christmas lights02 by HandOfLight Christmas 08 Hold Your Breath by SubtlesStock Objects 046 x-mas decoration by Dreamcatcher-stock Lighted Angel by KnK-stock Light shower by katiezstock

:holly:  Some cozy (and crazy) indoor scenes:

Christmas 8 by sychoblustock:thumb262126715: