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The Destroyer
Another piece inspired by Sharaloth's Harmony Theory. Nightmare Umbra, also known as The Shadowed Alicorn, The Gray Mare, or The Destroyer, is said to draw her power from the ongoing animosity between the Lunar Republics and Solar Kingdom. She strikes with terrifying force, conjuring a black flame that quickly engulfs any living creature it touches. The ashes of its victims return to The Destroyer, where they become a part of her. Truly an existential threat to ponykind, Umbra has been regaining her strength since the Schism, appearing mysteriously from time to time to smite select targets.

---Art Notes---
I used a pose and overall composition similar to my favorite drawing by Ruhje, Deliver Us. Like Ruhje's piece, I tried to use two colors (more or less) exclusively throughout the work. Personally, I find that drawings with such a limited range of colors have a stronger mood and a more "unified" feel to them.

Time for me to go read more of the latest chapter!
The Calling
Another piece inspired by Sharaloth's Harmony Theory. The drawing doesn't depict a particular event or character from the story. It's just a scene I dreamed up, taking place at the Cathedral of the Sun perhaps a couple hundred years ago. The world of Harmony Theory is so rich that I can't help dreaming up little side stories or alternate histories. 

This unfinished work was an experiment in a couple of ways. I thought I could create a wondrous atmosphere by placing a little pony in a huge environment. Unfortunately, I think the focus is a little too strong on the statue of Celestia, drawing the viewer's attention too much to her. I also wanted to try some chiaroscuro, but I think my lighting is too soft. I noticed these flaws only after I already made several major revisions, and at this point I just want to move on to something else. I started work on this back in September of 2017, and I have difficulty calling it quits, lol.
A night with Sylveon
Commission for :iconbronypony780:. His OC, Bitmaker, takes a stroll through Canterlot at night in the company of Sylveon.
If feels really good to draw a pony again!
Some quick-ish background art I made for my online portfolio.
Hey fellas!

Since the start of school in August, my art production has slowed to a crawl once again. The next two semesters are going to be a bit different and busier than usual because I'll be graduating with a Bachelor's in Computer Science in May 2018. In preparation, I've been dedicating every spare hour of free time I get to working on my programming portfolio (or sometimes to just catching up with my family; that's important too). I will also need to be applying for jobs soon.

Work on Moonrise has come to a complete halt again. I started another Harmony Theory drawing, but that's been halted too. All of that's a big deal to me, and I would not be satisfied with just stopping all pony art altogether, so I've come up with a solution for the short term to satisfy my pony craving.

--- Announcing ThunderCup! ---

My most prized gem in my portfolio is a little bubble-breaker game I've been programming from scratch in Java. I figured there would be no harm in including pony-inspired characters. The game will feature multiplayer capability over LAN, background music from AllLevelsAtOnce's album The Pony Way, and beautiful art and animation by yours truly. Here's a (very alpha) screenshot and some character concepts:
When the game is complete, I will make a free download available to all.

I feel I should talk a little more about Moonrise. The animation has been in the works for... wow, over 3 years now. But it keeps getting pushed aside by other stuff. I want to finish it. I REALLY want to finish it. Once I have a job and settle into a comfortable routine, I promise you that I will dedicate my free time to it and bring it to completion (and that's not out of any sense of obligation, it's because I really want to see that project through to the end). In the meantime, though, it's just going to have to wait a bit longer while I race to finish line of college.
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Hey dude, just wanted to say you're a really cool artist and keep up the great work! ^^
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I remember way back when I found your animatic a year after it was uploaded to YouTube. The only reason I ever did find it was from listening to L train's original soundtrack. I know you probably get this all the time and have addressed this millions of times in other posts in some fashion or another, but when will you release something on the progress of the animation?
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