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Ah-hah! I realize I haven't posted the final model shots on here yet. 

I added one preview pic for each, click the links above each for the full photoset - there are quote a few shots of these things!

Honda Bush Plane
[Disclaimer - while I did the design and the first round of CAD work, Honda sponsored and fabricated the final model for this project, as part of my internship there. The other two models I built on my own from start to finish.]

Husqvarna Hydraulic Dirtbike
[3D printed, 4th scale]

[Milled foam, 20th scale]

Alright HOLY SHIT!!

I can’t believe it’s over…

…today I’m officially out of ACCD! :D and man it’s surreal

It was one hell of a ride, I got to meet a ton of really cool people and made some amazing experiences! Between school, internships, and adventures, these have been some of the most awesome years of my life (as well as some of the craziest!) and I’m just really excited about everything right now!

The grad show was super awesome too - industry night went well, and between that day and the public show today, I got to catch up with old friends and meet some really cool new people as well. So massive shoutout to the rest of the grads - congrats on making it, and great work!!

I’ll post more about the show and final projects themselves once I get a moment to compile a bunch of stuff, my brain is just  A A A A A  right now and I need a moment to process everything! Things have just been super quiet (as the get during term) since so much is going on.

(Also the models will be properly photographed next week so I’ll probably spare you the crappy phone shots and post those when I get them :’D although I might sneak in a preview or two, I’m really happy with how everything came out :D)

I won’t get to dumping a bunch of new art and projects right away since there are things to be done but SOON


Hey guys!

Since people have been asking, I’ve finally gotten around to opening a site where people can get prints of some of my works!

You can find them here: [LINK]

I put up the ones which I figured were most suited for printing, but if there is any of my other stuff you’d like a print of, let me know and I can arrange something.

Also might continue to be super slow around here because there's a lot happening IRL!

I'm doing the (digital) Inktober thing! But the posts aren't on here. I might color ones I like into full pieces or post a couple of the sketches onto there at some point, but if anyone wants to follow that whole thing, the sketches can be found on my tumblr!

A few samples: 

Roar! :D
What am I doing when I'm not bogged down in work, drawing a bunch of weird stuff, or going on adventures?

Making a mess of other people's vehicles, of course. ;'D

I was at  PanzerFabrik recently since they were on the way. I'm friends with the owner and I love seeing what they're working on when I have a chance too. He asked me to mark up his Lynx APC, for fun! And so of course dragons happen.

The result: 






This is sprayed/painted freehand since it was on short notice and I really only had a day, a bit of a different style/medium than usual but I had way too much fun with this - seems like the crew enjoyed it! :D