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Hyper-Sub by Hydrothrax Hyper-Sub by Hydrothrax

And now for my other “little” project of the term! A re-design (ok more like complete overhaul) of the Marion Hyper-Sub!

The Hyper-Sub fits that sweet spot between submarine and speedboat. It’s a very tricky niche to nail just right because submairnes are relatively heavy due to their pressure hulls and all the extra systems you need to have a vehicle operate underwater (scrubbers, ballast tanks, batteries, etc.) A speedboat’s hull is also specialized for planing (if it’s a go-fast sort of vessel) and those sorts of hulls aren’t the most hydrodynamic things if you’re using it completely submerged…

So my answer to all this was to use Marion’s acrylic hull (which can safely go as deep as 500 ft (153 m) and the hull is split into a trimaran layout that streamlines the design and cuts down on the hydrodynamic drag while submerged (but the hypersub doesn’t loose any surface capability. It uses more of a wave-cutting strategy than the original hypersub, which gets it speed mostly from planing.) This thing’s “wing deck” also isn’t just for looks but gives the hypersub some semi-WIG-capability to further reduce drag.

The pressure hull I was benchmarking this one off of really was the biggest limiting factor (as well as all the systems that needed to be packed) but It let me to some interesting solutions (especially on the interior.)

This thing totally ended up looking like some sort of crazy-ass spaceship….ahahahhaa success xD
There’s lots more behind all this madness but I don’t feel like putting a massive essay out on here, so if anyone wants more details about this project, feel free to note me!

Portfolio page of this project:… [more in-depth info]

Hyper-Sub website:  

3D model done in Autodesk Alias, rendered in KeyShot, touched up in Photoshop CS6

Background is NOT mine. (will add source when I find it again.)


Also on DA!…

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