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Mon Sep 1, 2008, 7:24 AM
What are the constituents that go into the making of human mind? Or for that matter, what is the full-proof principle that may possibly go into the making of a healthy mind?
This is perhaps the age-old yet ever-fresh, enigmatic question of human civilization.

Seers, over years have pondered over the same question and shown ways to deal with the problem of human existence. Yet, paradoxically enough, every human person has to live his unique personal life, confront the questions himself anew and find the way-out exclusively himself, all alone! Because,

Borrowed garments do not fit.
Borrowed ideas do not work!!

Can one find a perfect flair of insight somewhere out- there, which may possibly wipe out his perplexity? No, never.

There is no short-cut, tailor-made panacea to commonplace problems of life. And those who have tried with borrowed ideas and borrowed legacy have miserably failed! Whereas a feeble call from within or a little flair of deep insight at times break the most obstinate knot of life like a miracle.

One has to go within, for that.
It’s as simple as that.

Knots of life can only be broken by breaking the knots-of-mind. Only a small amount of unlearning is required to learn this age-old-wisdom. Mind has a natural tendency to move fast-forward like a galloping horse. Our sensory organs also help mind to that end and habitually look outward for instant gratification. And that makes us perpetually restless. In the process, like radar less ship, a man goes on revolving around himself and is ultimately, lost.
And his perplexity perpetuates.

Can he make a turnaround to find the simplest solution hidden within himself? Of course,he can!

Turning inward is the only key.

Listening to the feeble call of the heart and empowering it with devotion is the only way to build that simple-workable-principle on which the edifice of a higher order of human life can possibly be built.

  • Reading: Books On nature of LIGHT
First Person, Singular Number. That’s “I or Me”, the center of all experiences.

Experience is that wonderful alchemy by which I construct and reconstruct my world. The world, rightly said, is a combination of the given and the constructed. What is given is my inheritance. My inheritance makes me humble and grateful not just to Nature for bestowing me with a beautiful mind, but to the whole of Mankind for beautifying my little being with a decent programming of that beautiful mind.

But the expression of a humble thankfulness, I fear, may be a reason of complacency. I ought to rise above that overwhelming state of mind to a wider field of ideas. I ought to rise above my mundane limitations to explore possibilities to make my world a better place. Concrete action to that end would perhaps be the decent way of extending my sincere gratitude.

But mind often dangles between hope and despair, witnessing the sordid state of affairs round the world. Crises are seen everywhere. Rat race for wealth and supremacy of power is the keyword in our personal, social, national and international life. Would not this apathy lead our civilization to a grinding halt?

Can we have enough reason to make a turn around? The answer may be either Yes or No.

“Yes” would perhaps be an overoptimism and “No” would lead us to utter cynicism. Then what can be done? Who will do the good job? …And How?

The question bounces back to square one:
”The first person, singular”.

I was looking around for a ray of hope till I discovered it deep within! Then I resolved to empower it as a guiding light and tread the unchartered path, all alone myself!

But there was a pleasant surprise on the way, in store for me. The road less traveled is seldom overpopulated! However those who ventured are different and yet all alike. And then it occurred to me:

"When the ways of friends converge, the world appears as home for a minute."

I discovered my good friends the day I started all alone, believing in myself:
  • Reading: Books On nature of LIGHT
ART</strong>, for the artist, is perhaps the most important thing in the world. He can’t settle with anything other than his Art because it's a true reflection of his inner-self.

It is the outcome of a “silent dialogue carried on between him and his inner self”, over time. And as such, it eloquently defines his dynamic individuality and gives a meaning to his inner Being. In the process, Art gives him an opportunity to transcend himself and, operate at a higher level of functioning.It helps making a fusion between him and his inner-being.His divided self becomes a sublime-self…Therein, lay perhaps the answer to the problem of human existence!!

ART conveys many things in silence that words often fail to do!

Take the simple art of a LADDER standing across a wall.</strong>

What does it convey? The artist remains silent about it. He leaves it to the viewer’s discretion. Because, he knows very well, the viewer can only properly define it and make his adequate translation. What may it be? Can the translation and the soliloquy of the viewer possibly be like this…??

“The open-ended ladder,invites me to step on it and go up. I must go up…scale the height…and defy all limits.”</strong>

The viewer has made his own translation and the message of the artist is finally complete silence.

So, Art has always been a strong medium of expression. But, seldom has it also been free of confusion!The problem does not lay with the Art. It lies with it's authentic translation.

Great Art is for Art’s sake. It is simple, yet powerful.
It outlasts time for its inherent  'beauty-in-simplicity’,
And it  makes  the  viewer not just  important,  but eloquent!

  • Reading: Books On nature of LIGHT
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You have probably loved the funny green alien Abe and the strange Oddworld back when PC systems were still considered the best
gaming platforms. I am sure that many of Abe's fans would still love to see a new game set in the Oddworld universe, even though, let's be honest, Oddworld Inhabitant's franchise is slowly losing all the remaining popularity it still had. But it is never too late to start working on a title that promises to bring a lot of fun to the gaming world.

However, we wouldn't like to consider this bit of information more than a rumor yet, having in mind that it comes via a student newspaper. Ontario's Wilfrid Laurier University, to be more specific, where Maxis co-founder Jeff Braun had a talk with the students and revealed plans for the future. According to the newspaper, Braun announced his involvement with Oddworld Inhabitants, creators of the Oddworld franchise, and the upcoming iteration. Yup… it seems these are the key words, "upcoming iteration", since OWI never had plans for such things...

"They're such a talented group of people and I really trust their ability to create compelling content," said Braun. But with a slow and measured production schedule subject to Braun's own entrepreneurial business model, it may be "years" before the game is actually shipped. That's even better because years in production mean high quality title.

Although there are just a few details given about the alleged new Oddworld title, we do know, thanks to the publication, that the upcoming title might be released in episodic content. Also, the game will feature a "revolutionary new 3-D animation system allowing videogame players to experience a cinematic quality on a 1 to 1 scale" to that of CG motion pictures.

This comes as a huge surprise because OWI announced years ago that it wouldn't be involved in computer or video games development anymore and would focus, instead, on cross-media IPs between films and games. Their first project is called Citizen Siege, but few details are known about its state.

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It’s said, “If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten!”

So, commonplace wisdom says, why not do things differently? Doing things differently has its own intrinsic merit and promising dividend.

A person having the minimum zest for life can not afford to live a repetitive, dreary, conventional life. He feels within him a field, charged with enthusiasm, restless enough to find an outward expression!That's the realm of creativity, discovery and all inventions.

But,the problem with us is how to endorse the talent of a person, nurture and hone it to give its rightful expression.

Talent, like water, has its unique property of finding its natural course. One simply can’t check it. One can’t stop a man from being different, because he is born different! Alas very few can really understand it!

But we have an obvious contradiction in our mindset too!

We unanimously endorse the beauty of spring, the Nightingale’s sweet song, the beauty of full-moon night and so on...because they are just different. So, why not so with the talent of individual human persons? Let us learn to address the different-doers with honor. They are the harbinger of all change. They are the real entrepreneurs... And they are the pathfinders of a new world-order.

If we freeze our mind in the midst of a universal change; we may fail to take part in shaping the civilization of a higher-order. So, let us try to address the Agents of Change- “The Different Doers" with honor.

It’s perhaps with such a flair of insight that the Cuban Poet, H.Padilla says:

Important occasions,
Man makes them…
History by itself does
Nothing, dear friends
It does absolutely nothing.

You are the History-Makers, oh Different-Doers !

Good Luck.
Keep it up !!


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