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TRANQUILITI 16 pix Icons

Free for personal and commercial use with attribution.

© Supratim Nayak, 2010-
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Well done :)

I love pixel icons :heart:
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cool icons Bro :)
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edit: i'm having a problem with these. when i import them into candybar, the icons themselves don't show up. it just blank. can you help or is anyone else having this issue? thx!
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These are .PNG files. You have to copy the image from the info. I have a practice of using icons directly, without Candybar, Try dragging the files into the required icon in Candybar.
BTW, these are only 16p X 16 p, not more than that, so can only be used as tray icons,icons on the sidebar, or as dock icons when you have sized your dock to minimum.
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ya, i was planning on using them for my sidebar. thx for the reply and i got them working now using a different method. :)
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Sooo nice!
Great work man!

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amazing little icons, thx!
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Great quality for tiny icons :aww:
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really nice, submitted to iconers group ;)
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A great job my friend, are quite good.

Please visit my DeviantART and check out my work. And comments on that you like and wear them in favorites if you wish.

Thanks for your attention.
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Really cool design man!! :)
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Awesome iconset man! :D
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beautiful and crispy :love:
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OMG that was frighin fast and damn good :) Man just don't get away with this one. Surely want moar!
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Sick icons man, +1 faved.
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very neat and usable. the detailing is nice! good stuff!
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nice icons man
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