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These are what I have come out with till now. I'll add more icons under the same name, and yeah...more polishing is of course needed (Like gloss, reflection and all) and lower formats, too, have to be made. It is just a matter of timely leisure, and whenever I get it, I' ll try and finish 'em off.
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Great icons...Nice work!
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Awesome work.. only the folder and monitor screen's perspective looks a bit off. Rest all looks beautiful.
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Yeah I agree with you on this one. The shadings are bit incorrect.
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These are the skeletons.
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very nice indeed man, only crit would be some of the angles of the composition are not correct eg: the windows box ;)
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Yes, those will be worked out.
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looks awesome thkx :D
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What did you make these with? Photoshop, or Illustrator?

If photoshop, do you make them at around 1024 x 1024 first then just shrink them or do you use Illustrator and use all vectors?

Something else you made it with? :lol:
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I used photoshop to make these, and they were made in native 256X256 layers.
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beautiful icons man...i love the one on the second row..extreeme right.. :nod:
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That is supposed to be Recycle Bin. Actually these need little more finishing I think; more formats and icons are also needed.
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umm ur lik a graphic designer or somthin?
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Well...initially I didn't think much about graphics/web designing and just did these for fun; but strangely I am getting offers nowadays. Thank you all for your kind support!
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hmm...well u shud think about logo designing or graphic designing as a proffesion man...u'r reely guud :nod:
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Hmmm...maybe! glad you render me that competent.
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awesome dude :D
love the explorer icon :D
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Thankya, I believe I have to polish it a lot more though.
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Thankya, i need to add some more gloss, perspective lights and shadows.
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beautiful icons, I will use them in my desk!=)
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When you make them?
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