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Better Finder Attributes Rep

Icon Replacement for A Better Finder Attributes.

© Copyrighted to Supratim Nayak.
Only for Personal/ Non-commercial usage.
For more permissions/queries/feedback,
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sweet icon ;D
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There are little inconsistencies but IMO it's not bad overall.
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Featured on 2.0 Webmania.
Congrats for the excellent work >> [link]
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Love it. Love the idea of an interface on a file, very cool.
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Sorry and lack of consistency in text in 32px and 48 px. One shows 1.1.07 and the other something entirely different. Telling all these because I expect grand icons from you. In no way this is a bashing at your skills. Just some pointers at the minor flaws
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Right said! I was actually waiting for a criticism from you. This lived in my hard disk for more than 8 months. I know it is not upto the mark. Just uploaded this to hear feedbacks and suggestions. I too am not satisfied with the lower formats and I am soon going to delete this.
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Better not delete. I think keeping it here for the suggestions and then moving to Scraps section for archiving purposes will work
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*An artefact red at 48px
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Complex than it should be. An artefact red at 48px and lack of AA in lower resolutions.
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