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Ari - also goes by Hydra or Vinegar

31 years old - Transmale

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"The Loch" by Steve Alten
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Borderlands, L4D, Fallout, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Warframe, Overlord, Skyrim
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PC (Steam, etc)
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Clip Studio Paint w/HUION Kamvas Pro, CSP and Procreate on iPad
Grem2 Standard Grem - Open (seeking $250 voucher below) Mutation Grem - Open The mutation Grem I will be pickiest over because I still really like the design, however I'm not active in the group anymore so I'm not really needing...to keep them anymore. If offering trades, I'm mostly interested in Skire species (CCCats, Crooks, Nautipods, Gravents) when it comes to other Closed Species - not particularly looking to get into others right now! Otherwise high quality one-off designs (especially monsters, robots, or humanoid kiddos.) Not interested in feral designs! Also looking for art offers for an Inkuine Token and Qumot Token! Not sure what specific kind of art I want, but I have a group of characters I want some art done of and will share those if interested. Please comment or DM me on Discord below if you are interested!! Voucher Template [I agree to read and follow the rules and guidelines specified in the Voucher rules. The grem offered in this journal is not for sale, and I
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OPEN AGAIN - NOT FCFS ________ Couple of caveats! > You should have a clear idea of what they look like already - the more photos and/or references the better. If you don't have any art of them it's fine! Just find me photos of people to give me feature references to compensate. > Just headshots at the moment, and will only be greyscale. > One user per slot, five slots. I will do up to 3 characters per user. $35 a piece - maximum up to $50 depending on complexity (will be notified before payment if qualifies) Slots 1. PalletEclipse - Io - info in DMs 2. 3. 4. 5. (Mod Slots - will work on these separately) 1. Cheshiretails (https://www.deviantart.com/cheshiretails) (2)
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❗❗❗❗ The winners have been chosen ❗❗❗❗ My apologies to those who expected a stream while these were drawn - I did not feel as if it would be a good decision since the last raffle stream people found disorienting given how much I would shift through tabs, and this would have been much worse. I do want to start out with a quick apology and thank you! I'm sorry that everyone had to wait for responses and then had to wait another half week for me to get everything together - this was a huge learning experience for me and I know what I will be doing differently for next time if I choose to
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