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Cosplay Cassandra Pentaghast

Cosplay by Dark Incognito :iconhydraevil:

Photo by Akami                 :iconakami777:

Belarus, Minsk
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awesome armor love that game 
nikosmittas's avatar
Actually better from original Kassandra!
More beautiful!
And the hair and armor I don't think I have ever seen better cosplay of her.
Superb job congrats!
KikeChango's avatar
WOW!!! Awesome cosplay!!! I thought it was a well done render! Hahaha!!! Great work!
LenaKemp's avatar
soooo cool and especially very authentic Heart :happybounce: 
Kerberusz's avatar
Bellmoore's avatar
Impressive work.
florin88's avatar
Very nice, I love the detail , Gorgeous and talented Request F2U Rin Matsuoka 
tjota's avatar
holy shit, this is impressive :O
the armor is, of course, a hard work. but it's more awesome because of your look!
dat fierce expression ! dat hair & make-up ! dat shot ! gah !! :o
JacquelineSweet's avatar
This is the most impressive cosplay I have ever seen. You are incredible!
Gelieta's avatar
Это лучший косплей на Кассандру, что я видела в своей жизни! Потрясающе! :o (Eek) Love 
Someone shared your work on Reddit. I made an account on DeviantArt solely to tell you that this cosplay is downright amazing. Cassandra is my favorite party member for DA:I and to see her brought to life to the degree you managed 
is simply fantastic. 
HydraEvil's avatar
Thank you so much! I am very much obliged to you.
RuneKatashima's avatar
Someone shared you on imgur. This is very nice work and beyond the outfit I really like your hair :3
HydraEvil's avatar
Thank you! This is wig :D (Big Grin) 
jonwassing's avatar
This cosplay is on point! Very well done.
What did you use to make the armour?
HydraEvil's avatar
Thank you so much! I use PVC sheet 2 mm thick
jonwassing's avatar
Where do you pick up your PVC? Is there a specialty store for it or will any old hardware store do?
HydraEvil's avatar
We must look in DIY stores.
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