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Unwanted Adoration

I'm not sure if I'm serious with this or not, but I can see the melodramatic, helpless Zuri developing a desperate crush on the heroic Kion, who unfortunately is married to his job and doesn't have time for girls. I can imagine Zuri getting in trouble on purpose, just to have Kion save her and give her attention... Kion is frustrated with Zuri's behavior and tries to make her stop, but without avail. :XD:

And that's why Kion wasn't around during the last half of 'Simba's Pride'. He was fleeing from the lovesick Zuri. Joke... 

Kion, Zuri, Tiifu, Kiara & The Lion Guard/King © Disney
Art © HydraCarina
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Female lions with hair

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its amazing art 😃! do you think i can post on instagram ? (with credits and your permission)
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Thank you! Yes, you can.

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thank you very much ☺️👍🏻❤️
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Before the show ending who did you ship Kion with before Rani entered the picture?

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Kion was going to be an loner then?

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Since kion and rani broke up are you going to ship jasiri or fuli with kion

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Good because some fans ship kion with fuli , jasiri , tiifu , zuri and even vitani not all at one's though but I saw a picture where all of them were doing something biting the ear , nuzzling even more stuff

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In my version Tiifu is gay for Zuri but Zuri likes Kion. When Zuri found out about Kion and Rani I imagined it would go something like this.

Zuri:Kion! Your back! I missed you so much!

*Zuri tries to nuzzle Kion but he pushes her away*

Kion: Zuri, I have a mate. She is the queen of the night pride and her name is Rani.

Zuri: Fine!

*Zuri walks away and finds Tiifu*

Tiifu:Hi Zuri!

Zuri: Tiifu I know you like me and I like you too!

Rafiki: IN UPENDI!!!!

Btw Zuri has always had a crush on both Kion and Tiifu but she was more of a Kion fan. Now she knows Kion will never be her mate so she decides to be Tiifu’s mate.

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Kion: Sorry Zuri, I have a mate now. (Nuzzling Rani)

Rani: Oh, Kion, you're such a gentleman.

Zuri: Aw, man!

Bailyo: (thinking) Hmm... she looks pretty.
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Tiifu is giving Kiara that look. I’ve hanged around too many girls to know “that look”

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In my head cannon....

Zuri grows up to be a mane lioness...
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Omg you captured all of them so perfectly <3 Great work!
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I want this to happen.
Zuri is obsessed with KionFlirtatious Flirtatious Flirtatious Petting is sensual! 
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Hmmm...coming back to this and thinking about it more, I no longer think Kion is the "married to his job" kind of guy. Maybe as a cub he was, but of course perspectives change and so does ones thoughts on love and whatnot. Which is probably why Zuri seems to have changed her mind about Kion here XD!

I now think that maybe Kion will fall in love with a lioness one day. Maybe one of the lionesses from the pride or something. Or maybe he could get together with Zuri somehow, or Tiifu. All I know is that Zuri will try everything to earn Kion's love...clearly x)

But what do I know? It's like, 1am over here in Florida, lol. Though now I might actually make a fanfic about a scenario where Kion actually falls in love with a lioness, once I flesh it out some more.
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I approve of this so much! This is totally the right way to go. Zuri acts all hard to impress and yet when she gets older, Kion kinda looks a little hot...
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then eventually Kion is the one that gets into trouble without his lion guard friends to help out and ZURI TO THE RESCUE
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