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Malka and Tama

By HydraCarina
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Malka: "Umm, hi? Could you tell me how to get to Pride Rock? I think I'm lost..."
Tama: "Oh, hi! You must be Malka! Nala told me about you... Don't worry, I can show you the way. My name is Tama."
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You know honestly for some weird reason I think they are siblings. Yeah I'm crazy. Most pictures their colors look similar they don't look that much different do they.
Assheton's avatar

In my version they are half siblings. Same mum different dads. Malka’s dad is the king of the Grasslands. While Tama’s dad is Mufasa

HydraCarina's avatar
Hmm, they could be...
DJMIXX20's avatar
When I first saw them I thought that the could have the same parents.
Daliilaa's avatar
I think they could be third-cousins or second cousins (Malka's mom is maybe Diku's cousin , who in my verse is Tama's and Tojo's momma)
DJMIXX20's avatar
I like that idea too. But both of them look so close I dubbed them twins. In my verse Diku it Dwala are Tojo and his sister's mother.
Daliilaa's avatar
That's actually pretty cool too, to have them as twins. 
shadowheartqueen1244's avatar
Cute! Tama x Malka= vitani : 3
ShaniLioness's avatar
Daliilaa's avatar
I don't I like more Tama x Mheetu = Tiifu
Tamayako's avatar
FFFFF I ship it!
Cute litlle one
MysticalBats's avatar
Kiara249's avatar
Aww! You drew them so nicely!
You should make a drawing (if not already) of Tama and Kula as adults with Tojo and Chumvi :)
Nala-Nay's avatar
I've always imagined these two as a couple! Great Job!
Daliilaa's avatar
Hmm..I think of them as very close friends, but in my headcanon Malka ends up with Kula and Tama with Mheetu :3
Albe-Leo's avatar
They're so beautiful :p like the draw :)
Maphein's avatar
really nice!!
L3K1's avatar
thats really good work you got there! Really cute! what programm do you use?
HydraCarina's avatar
I use PhotoFiltre.
L3K1's avatar
Ill have to look into that :)
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