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Decades of Denial, page 2

Poor Kiara, she's so fed up with her lessons. =P

EDIT: I had to change the beginning of this comic because the Lion Guard series ended differently than I thought it would. The old version of this page is here: Taka2p

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I like your designs for these three lionesses.

They all look unique and pretty.

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I like how closer Kiara is to her original personality from the movie.
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I love your version of adult Tiffu and Zuri. I really like how you kept Kiara's pelt closer to her original orange-ish color. Her TLG pelt color isn't bad or anything but it looks too much like the generic color that most of the background pridelander lionesses have.
RBloodwolf's avatar
That moment when you realize THIS should've been apart of the second film instead of that Romeo and Juliet bs cause it's way more interesting even though it's typical Disney princess trope.

I always read your LK comics and I always enjoy them. So far I'm enjoying this one so keep doing what your doing at your own pace.
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Heh, I actually like the second film. Sweating a little... It has its flaws, but I find the plot enjoyable.

Thank you!
Dragons-forever-4's avatar
And the Romeo and Juliet plot of the second movie succeeds where the first one failed. Simba and Nala’s relationship felt so rushed, random, and forced, where as Kiara and Kovu’s relationship was given time and fleshed out to make it feel more believable. People can probably say ‘but both fell in love in mere hours,’ but I personally believe that you have a better chance in arguing that Kovu spent more than a day with Kiara, it just wasn’t shown on screen.
QueenFluffy1994's avatar

I almost disagree. Simba and Nala knew each other as cubs their whole life before being separated, and then after years of not seeing each other, they meet up again. I think the maturity and their initial bond had just been so much to cope with that they developed feelings for each other quickly.

Meanwhile Kovu and Kiara only met ONCE in their cub-hood, and then didn't meet again until about 2 years later. The reason I said I "Almost" disagree about Kovu and Kiara's relationship being better is because, unlike Simba and Nala's relationship, when they re-united they actually spent at least more than a day together. To me, that is rushed as hell, but compared to Simba and Nala's moment where they spent an entire afternoon together, you suddenly learn to forgive it.

Dasha-nikosalanani's avatar
I love all your comics, and this one too! Furthermore your Kiara is soo beautiful, as your adult version of Tiifu and Zuri :)
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Tiifu and Zuri as adults? Love it.
kiongozingelaa's avatar
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Catgirl08's avatar
Yay! Now that's the Kiara we know and love as far as her personality goes. I even missed her whining and complaining.  I love that you added her golden orange tone, unlike the lion guard version which she's a pale peach color.
What-if-Writer's avatar
Loving the expressions! 
Lumine00's avatar
If it is okay with you, I'd love to borrow your comic for our TLK Italian forum (translations on the side made by ourselves).
Of course, with your permission.
HydraCarina's avatar
Sure, you have my permission.
OnePieceFreak15's avatar
Good Idea why she want to be queen in "The Lion Guard" but note more in "The Lion King 2"
ramond997's avatar
I love Kiara´s face in the 4th panel! xD
HydraCarina's avatar

Piisamirotta... :XD:
ramond997's avatar
Se on mun toteemieläin. xD 
HydraCarina's avatar
"Typerä nainen." :'D
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