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Decades of Denial, page 1

Omg, a new TLK fan comic! Because two unfinished comics just isn't enough. :XD:

I'm sorry, I just can't help myself. I've been sitting on this and 6 other pages for some time now, and today I felt I should upload at least the first page. But don't worry, I'm not going to abandon 'The First King' and 'Heir to Pride Rock'. Actually, I'm going to be purposely very slow with this comic, because I'm not entirely sure how I want it to end or how I want certain things to happen. But I've written a loose script.

So, what is this comic about? It tells about Mufasa and Scar's youth, mainly focusing on Scar.

Ok, enjoy! :)

EDIT: I had to change the beginning of this comic because the Lion Guard series ended differently than I thought it would. The old version of this page is here: Taka1p

Next page: Decades of Denial, page 2

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Yikes, the actual finale to TLG sheds a awkward light on this comic.

JumpyL123's avatar
Bunga gonna murder tonight XD
Namirithecheepard's avatar
That is a messy mark of the guard XD
You don't know how glad I am you kept Fuli's original design!!! (I think Disney could have added tear marks thou)
CreaGirl1993's avatar
O.M.G  This is so awesome.. I am totally addicted to your comics and I don't mind that their is another one that will take time to upload new pages..

Your comics are awesome!! :love:
HydraCarina's avatar
CreaGirl1993's avatar
You're most welcome! I hope you will be able to post new entries of any of the comics soon cause I can't wait to see how they evolve ( either one of the three )
HydraCarina's avatar
I'm trying to get the next page of Decades of Denial done within the next week. :)
CreaGirl1993's avatar
I just saw the page, I loved it! :D It's so cuteeeeeee :love:
i was wondering so in your canon what happens to kopa here? 
HydraCarina's avatar
Kopa isn't around at this point. I can't really say more because I don't want to give spoilers.
GoldenWolf95's avatar
I've been meaning to ask... you said in that in your headcanon, Kion imagined most of his adventures, but did he imagine meeting the Outlanders too? If not, did he tell Kiara that he saw Kovu? Again, just wondering.
HydraCarina's avatar
No, he really met the Outsiders. But since the magical super roar doesn't exist in my headcanon, he didn't roar the Outsiders away. I've actually been working on a short comic about that meeting, but I don't think I'll start uploading it anytime soon.
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This comic is linked to the two others ? :)
HydraCarina's avatar
AmeliaStars2308's avatar
Poor Kion and Kiara
SeleneTlk's avatar
Rereading this and I like, I dislike the lion guard to wonky, voices drive me nuts. And it really is a show only five year olds can like, that and bunga drives me nuts 

But this is actually an awsome interpretation, that and I like that Tiffu and Zuri don't act like dumb blonds in your comic 
HydraCarina's avatar
I like the show, and I'm not a 5-year-old... =P

Thanks! Well, Zuri is still pretty dumb... :XD:
SeleneTlk's avatar
Your versions way better 
In the show I'm reminded of the twins from Bratz
HydraCarina's avatar
Oh, I remember those twins! :'D
Densi-Adopts's avatar
to be brutally honest I Hate Bunga . . . he i kinda annoying . . .  I know its a kids snow
HydraCarina's avatar
I don't hate him, but yeah... He's very annoying. Plus he's a bad example to kids. He's not brave, he's just stupid. :XD:
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