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I'm sure you've seen a lot of journals like this lol. Sorry, I deleted the one I had set up, so let's do a proper one now that it's been almost a full day. I'll get to the part you want first, my plan and my external links; Going forward, my bases will remain up with a point option, and new bases will potentially be posted, but this may change. I will be leaving them up for people who want them, but implore you that if you have the option to, please buy them from ko-fi. Stop letting dA have a hold over you with points. I'll be letting my core lapse but may get a month one from time to time to get my funds, but that's the extent of it. I will, truly, no longer be active on this site unless there is some sudden turn around made by dA. Please Follow my Twitter and Toyhouse for Adoptables and Base updates. Everything else will be for regular art. LINKS: http://hydrabones.com https://twitter.com/hydrabones https://toyhou.se/hydrabones https://ko-fi.com/hydrabones
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