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Tekken 3 - Yoshimitsu

By Hyde209
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To celebrate Tekken 3's 20th anniversary I've decided to remake/reimagine all fighters from Tekken 3 in the same way I did Tekken 1 and 2. Like with my previous project I've done the foundation for each fighter in Soul Calibur V and then I've added stuff here and there in Photoshop to make 'em look cooler and more detailed. I've also remade the stage backgrounds mostly out of photographs of actual places. 

Since Yoshimitu is my favorite Tekken character he's the first character that I've remade. I love the fact that he looks a bit like the Predator in Tekken 3

Every upcoming wednesday and friday I'll upload a new fighter so stay tuned. Enjoy ^^
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Love the scenery!

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:-O Perfect! You did a really good job! ^_^
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Yoshimitsu has always been a favorite of my brothers and I. Very nice work! :D
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Thanks. He's my favorite Tekken character 😊
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Great as always, Hyde! This one in particular looks amazing!
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Thanks 😃 Yeah I'm happy that it feels both true to the original, but still with an original twist.
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I always loved that scenario and so that Yoshimitsu. Would you tribute all the characters of Tekken 3 ?
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Me too. Yes I will make all fighters. One new fighter every wednesday and friday from now on 😃
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Good to know ! I'll wait for them patienlty :B
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Anyone in particular you're exited to see?
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Paul Phoenix for sure, or maybe Nina Williams, those two more than the others !
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Cool. I have something special in store for Nina so stay tuned ^^
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Ohhhh. Cool. Nice you do a T3 tribute now, looking forward to your next ones. Guess True Ogre will be the hardest.
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Yes since T3 turns 20 on the 20th I though it was time 😃 Oh yeah...True Ogre will be a true problem for me to solve 😅
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