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Alien Storm - We Are Busters!

I did this quick photomanipulation for a remix video of mine. I mostly used monsters from Gears of  War and Resident Evil and recolored them in an old school arcade manner. I would have put more time and effort into the aliens if it weren't for the fact that I release these videos every week so I can't put too much time into the images. Still, I really liked ho this picture turned out. As an old school SEGA fan It's hard not get exited about these sort of things ^^

Here's a link to the remix video:…
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Bring back to 90s

Who's the female model?
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A mix of pretty girls put together.
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This is amazing! Love love love!
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Wow thanks! I'm a sucker for cheasy sci-fi stuff like this ^^
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how long did it take to find all the pieces?
seems to me that would be a chore in of itself.
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I don't really remember, but I actually enjoy looking for pictures to cut and paste. It's quite rewarding even though it can  be frustrating too ^^
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I love this game so much.
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Yeah I totally love this game too 😃
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Super nice!
Awesome job!, m'man!
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Thanks! Yeah I had a blast making this ^^
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oh fantastic! great job guys :D

this game was so freaking hard Dx
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Thanks =D Yeah it was pretty har, but the good thing is that you could learn each enemies patterns.
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yeah it wasnt just OH GOD ENEMIES bs where they just overwhelm you and air juggle you to death lol
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Haha, I like this one, much because of the cheesieness and the colors and composition!
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Thanks! Yeah I put extra cheese on this Alien Burger ^^
80s spandex all the way.
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